Stormy days

I’m looking for a ray of sunshine so I decided to blog and maybe it will come out. It’s been a crazy week for me and I feel myself getting very overwhelmed with stress. Coming clean w/ myself on this website has really helped me on so many levels. I see so many other people feeling the same way I do and I really find that comforting. I’m not sure I know the proper etiquette on this site because not all of this blog deals with diabetes. But, life affects my diabetes and vice versa so I guess it’s all related.
My weekend was filled with a sick husband and then a sick son. I had a big doctor appt w/ my endo on Monday to discuss my recent bloodwork for a bunch of different hormone levels. I thought I had Cushings disease. Ends up I most likely have polycystic ovarian syndrome (lots of cysts on my ovaries). So I have to get an ultrasound to confirm this diagnosis tomorrow and I am looking forward to knowing for sure. My endo agreed that I should start the Metformin and I have the rx, I just haven’t taken it to Walgreens yet due to snowstorms and the other big issue in my life now: my flooded basement.
I went down to my basement yesterday to get some wrapping paper and BAM…the whole thing is covered in water, deep water in the corners. It smelled terrible and I just wanted to cry/scream/die. It’s not a finished basement, thank goodness, but we keep all of our “stuff” down there and quite a bit was destroyed. So I freaked out for 1/2 the day yesterday. My awesome brother in law is a plumber and drove over last night (took 2 hours, normally should’ve taken 20 minutes) in a major Chicago snowstorm to find out what happened. My house is only 2 years old and the sump pump was broken and when he pulled it out, we found out is was made in 1995 and was obviously an old sump pump he got from some other house. Our builder was a snake and we didn’t realize it until it was TOO LATE.
Now the sump pump is fixed but we have a TON of work to do…we were shop-vac-ing the water for hours last night…continued tonight and again tomorrow. I thought the work/exercise would help my bloodsugar, but it didn’t. I think the stress of the whole situation is keeping it higher. Can’t win.
I’m finding myself turning to my old-standby, never do me wrong comfort food of chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! I try to will myself from it…but it keeps sucking me back in. Now I haven’t tried any sugar-free chocolates since 1989 and I don’t know if they are any more palatable but i’m thinking I should try. I really want to get my sugars under better control. I really want to eat more healthy and cope with stress more health-ily. I don’t know where to turn?! I used to smoke, but quit almost 10 years ago. I have no desire to go back to it, but I need to find something else to turn to…not food, not junk, not alcohol or cigarettes. Boo hoo.
I feel guilty for being so upset about a flooded basement when I read all the discussions and blogs about you guys with much worse situations than I’m in. But I realize that I’m only human and my stress is important to me and directly affects me. I guess I’m just looking for a online hug/warm fuzzy to know things will get better. I try to always be positive, but sometimes it;'s hard.
I feel a little better. I have to go get a few de-humidifiers from Lowe’s. Thanks for caring.

Wow. So much to deal with at once… why does it always seem to come in waves like this???

I hope that you will have a sunnier day soon!!!

Let us know about the ultrasound…

Also, a note about sugarfree chocolate-- many of them has just as many carbs as regular chocolate. They use sugar alcohols, which are sugarfree but not carb-free. I also LOVE my chocolate. When I am being good, I try to eat dark chocolate (with 50% cocoa) and just eat ONE square at a time (not easy).

wow, girlfriend!! hang in there!! be strong!!
i had to break down and get some yummy reese’s peanut butter cups the other day and boy, were they good!!! i usually have a lot of stress in my life, too…you just have to take it as it comes and increase basals and give correction boluses to make it thru!! it will all get better!!