I had my first family therapy session with my dad and therapist today. It went rather well, and I am determined to get better on my own (well, with the help of my treatment team and supports) and stay out of the hospital.

I had a good reading of 112 at lunch. My therapist asked how I was feeling physically and I said really good. I forgot what it felt like to have a good reading. I do really feel a lot better when my blood sugars are in range and I feel better emotionally too. I guess this is a goal that I am going to shoot for.

I have a lot to work through, especially when it comes to my mom and diabetes, and having diabetes myself, but I'm really going to work at this. Diabetes is a tough road, but it is possible to manage it through hard work and determination. So, I'm making it my goal to take my insulin appropriately and go from there. And my goal is to get back on my pump sometime in 2011.

that’s great! glad everyone is on the same page and glad you’re feeling better. stay strong and take it one day at a time

i ate breakfast and then took my insulin…

112 before lunch is pretty good. I wasn't nearly as good today, 154 before lunch but I just couldn't wait any more for lunch. Keep in mind the times you feel good and hold onto that. Testing and utilizing your insulin is a very important and fantastic improvement. Getting your chemistry normalized will help so much. Using your insulin appropriately is huge.

Feeling better physically and emotionally are big victories. And it's also a really good motivator. Cause: appropriate insulin dosing. Effect: 112 at lunch. The more you actively manage your condition, the better you will feel about yourself and the big D. Your lunch BG was reason enough to do a happy dance. You really can feel rightfully proud of what you are able to accomplish.

The work you do will bring you great reward.

Thanks for sharing Michelle …all the best to you and your loved ones for 2011 ( one year at the time :slight_smile:

Big hugs, sweetie. Thrilled to hear your positive, can-do attitude. Be proud of yourself.

Happy for you Hon. Keep feeling good.

"Diabetes is a tough road, but it is possible to manage it through hard work and determination"

I like that. I'm so glad that things are better for you :)

You go girl


Remember how good it feels to have a great reading, now that you’ve experienced that 112! Make it your goal, to start with, to have readings like that 2x a day. Then up it to 3x a day. Maybe eventually get to the point where your day’s average is under a certain point, or where you can get that great ‘I did it!’ feeling so many times a week. Make small, attainable, goals to start with. It will build up your confidence in your ability to do this (because you CAN do this!). Over time, this will hopefully lead to good care habits!

Wahoo! Celebrate Michelle! Try to celebrate all of the victories and disregard all the disappointments that come along with the diabetic roller coaster. You go girrrl and be proud, now you are practicing self-care!

This made my day! I hope everything goes well and if you stick to it, I know it will :)

God bless you