Old Supplies

I have a few old cartridges and sets I can't use and don't want to throw away. I found a company that says they donate some supplies but they won't take items that say Rx only, and of course these items do say that. I plan to call them and ask, but in the mean time I was curious what others do with their old supplies?

I contacted my pump representative and she was able to pass them on to those who were in need. When I moved I had a ton of syringes. I contacted the medical director of the local homeless shelter and had them Fed-Ex'd to the director herself - of course they were in unopened packages.

I donated the cartridges and sets to CR3 Diabetes Association. They have an easy to fill out donation form on their website.

here's the CR3 website (caution, there's an immediate audio)

and insulin for life will take insulin and any supplies