Old-timey glucagon kits pictures?

Anyone here have pictures of the truly old-timey glucagon kits? I remember my first came in a wooden box (to be kept in the fridge?), but can’t find any pictures.

All I have to offer in trade is a picture of a cardboard case and glass insulin syringe they gave me when I was diagnosed. I only ever used U-100 plastic syringes after discharge from initial diagnosis, but for some reason in the week-long hospital stay they had to train me on how to use glass U-40 syringes with removable needles, to shoot oranges full of saline, as part of my “diabetic education”. BTW the other parts of my diabetic education included showing me pictures of gangrenous limbs in medical textbooks, and warnings to never mix up U-40 (red) with U-80 (green) or U-100 (orange)… it still bothers me that many modern insulins don’t have orange stoppers!


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LOL, you as well? I used U80 for some time as U100 was not yet released. I recall U40 however. My mom used that. I am told my aunt used U20 in the late 40’s. I wish i knew.

Hey, I ate my orange. In fact i ate three of them. Day 4, was injection day.

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I got a glass syringe at the hospital too, but it was just meant to me a memento . I never used it, was never trained on it.

They told me, here, you don’t know how lucky you are to not have to use this.

I always used the 27 gauge disposable plastic syringes.
29 gauge ones came out soon after.

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My best guess is that your hospital, like mine, had a whole bunch of glass insulin syringes to get rid of! Also, they gave me this card, probably also on some “required to give every newly diagnosed juvenile diabetic” list.

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Oh, my. I had one of those cards. Brings back awful memories.

I had that card too, but I never carried it. I was diagnosed 1987.
I needed to present that card or show my medic alert bracelet to buy syringes.
Which is stupid, anyone could get one of those easily.

Indeed, being T1 and a very young adult in the 80’s was a tough time.

Large swaths of the public instantly associated anyone our age buying a syringe or having a vial, with illegal drug use.

It’s a lot easier now that I have grey hair!!!

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