Some cool glass syringes

Have you ever bought an old syringe from ebay?. They have a lot of really old syringes from around the world. I might actually be interested in one of these since I’m diabetic. I know that’s weird. Some are for insulin and some are not. They look really really painful! It’s a good place to just look at some pictures. I remember a few months ago I saw an empty insulin jar from the 1950’s.
Anyone here collect this stuff?

Here is a link to the ebay search for syringes.

This link shows my favorite one on ebay.

Some of you members here have actually used some of this stuff.

Yuppers Mike - used glass syringes with needles that required sharpening once they got dull (and those needles I think were maybe 18 gauge - ouch - but we used them for our juice of life). Like the blue plunger one that you’ve got as your “favourite”. I guess I’ve blotted out what my plunger looked like on my glass syringe. All I knew was, when sterilizing the glass portion and syringe, I used to find it funny that a tenant before me had probably used the same pan for heating up a can of baked beans :slight_smile:
I’ve never kept any of my stuff from the old years - in the bin. Tho’ I know of a few here that have kept it. I moved around too much to keep on bringing stuff with me :slight_smile:

What a cool memory Mikey. I remember using the glass sryinges when I was diagnosed in 1964. The big needles hurt like he**, but they were my lifeline. I wish I still had one of them and my first meter, etc.

Yup, I’ve used that type since being dxd. in 1961 but mine didn’t have a coloured plunger. I asked my Mom years ago if she still had the glass syringes but she said she threw them out before I left home. I had switched to disposables in high school. She still has the white with black trim enamel container that she kept our Insulin and syringes in though. I do remember that.

If it was my syringes, I’d ask for them but I wouldn’t buy any. It wouldn’t be the same.

Perfect way to decrease one’s costs. Be sure to buy a knife sharpener when you decide to buy it. Gotta sharpen that needle.

No kidding, we used to sterilize in our pressure cooker back in the '50s. Looks like it’s got some iron from doing it up in well water. I’m not collecting … just haven’t thrown away. Gotta BIG 50cc & IV needle for glucose in case of hypoglycemia.