Old transmitter and receiver disposal?

What does everyone do with their old/used transmitters and receivers? I just had to order a new transmitter and was wondering what to do with the old one. I still have my 7+ system sitting in a drawer because I don't know what to do with it.

Mary- I'm so glad to see someone post this question!!! I want Dexcom to hear more people ask about it. I have been wondering the same exact thing. In fact, I have contacted Dexcom directly about establishing some sort of recycling program. Here's another mobile health focused company that's already incorporated a very simple recycling program: http://www-test.irhythmtech.com/zio-solution/zio-recycling-program/... I would really hope Dexcom takes a lesson from iRhythm (and other related type companies) and join the green movement. It would be so easy to include a self-addressed envelope in each transmitter/receiver box with simple instructions on how to return old devices. As you can tell, I'm passionate about this topic. Let's get Dexcom to hear our idea of minimizing waste!!!

so, what did you do with your old transmitter and receiver? I agree Dexcom should become more active and responsible.

It is a shame that they (Dexcom) do nothing to help. I am sure there are many 3rd world places where these would be a Godsend. Especially since they can be altered and recharged and continue to do service. Our FDA would not approve that but the quality of many poor proples lives could be improved.

I am actually still using my original receiver. I am simply holding on to the original (now dead) transmitter. (I got a new system.) I am also hanging onto all the sensor plungers. I don't think those should be thrown away in recycle containers (they contain the insertion needle!) All of the parts of the Dexcom CGM system should be recycled by Dexcom. Question is when will they step up???

I have the 7+ transmitter and reciever still from 2012 when I went on the G4. I put the plungers with my syringes in a sharps container.
I totally agree Dezcom needs to step up.
You seem like a very active type person...why don't you start a petition.

Has anyone found out what to do with the old transmitter yet?

If you wished to do so, you could sell it for about $40 average on line. It can be reused by patients who use xdrip and android, and don’t have the money to pay for a new Dexcom system.

I know some people who do that, and who make each one of their sensors last 30 days, because they self pay and don’t have much money.

I would love to find places where transmitters could be donated for that purpose. But I don’t know of any in the North American continent (there are some in Europe).

I haven’t because when I googled it I was ending up at a bunch of insecure websites. Be careful while researching. Energizer should be an ok place to start. http://www.energizer.com/responsibility/battery-recycling/where-to-recycle-batteries

There is a gray area here, is a used transmitter a prescription item, a new transmitter does require a prescription and I do believe that the FDA also would require a prescription before a used transmitter can be sold.

While the selling used transmitters is often done online I would caution that one should beware of violating FDA rules.

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