Ominipod VS exercise... Is it really works?

Hi every one,
I have been using Omnipod since March 2009 (1 Month ago) it really change my Type 1 Diabetic life… was good but now it’s so much better a huge break with no strees anymore.

Well today for the 3rd time after my exercise time, my pod just feel out of my skin / body… after just 45 minutes playing with my son. Well it should be with us in the most important time of our day / diabetic life = US EXERCISE TIME!!! and guess what $30.00 PLUS 150U that I putted away AGAIN…

Could you please share with me if it happens or happened with some of you too?
I appreciate so much.



Is there no way to reclaim that insulin inside the pod? Can’t stick a needle in there and draw it out somehow?

Call them at OmniPod. They may have some helpful hints, and you never know, they may send you a replacement pod! I sometimes use some waterproof tape to hold my pod in place. I also use a skin prep that helps. I have worn my pod swimming, and have been in the water for a good 30 minutes, and have never had one fall off. Call them!

Hi Jason…
OmniPod tells you not too, but I have done just that from time to time. Out of 150 units, you may get about half back. You use the syringe you use to fill the pod.

There are some products out there that helps the pod and any other infusion set stick better. I personally do not have a problem with the pod staying on, so I am sure there are more products that people will later write about.

I think IV Prep and Skin-Tac are some of the products.

Good luck.

I heard that If your pod fails within 24 hours of starting a new pod you could reuse the insulin, I have done this on several occasions, omnipod will replace failed pods but not insulin. I am not made of money. I’d almost rather they replace the insulin not the pod, my insulin is more expensive then the pod. And I’ve never had less effective insulin due to this. I guess if it works why not.

Never had a problem with mine (well - the trial one flew off after pitching a bunch of times playing wiffle ball - but I never had anything to keep it in place). I have had an occlusion and drawn out the insulin out of the failed pod and I got most of it back.
Would like to hear other peoples suggestion on this too. Maybe there is an elastic sports band you can put on the pod when it is on your arm (sort of like the straps that keep an iPod on you while exercising?)

Hi Dman,
I see what you’re saying but I got frustrated about it, 'cause exercise is a vital part of US treatment and is something that I cannot live with out also and we do have to go out to find out what can we put to hold the pod on our skin??? It doesn’t make sense to me, I understand they need to work on this to make it better and better, not only for me but for all of us who use it.
Well I just appreciate all the point of view about it and I hope everyone can have some great time to make the life better with it.
Have a great one folks.


I have never once had a pod fall off and I train more than most. I swim, bike and run long distances daily. In fact, the pod can be a real pain to get off it sticks so well. I would suggest you prepare the area prior to applying the pod if you are not doing so already. The skin needs to be dry and oil free. If that does not work there is a product called (sp) mastisol which should do the trick and help the pod stay on once applied.

I read about all the problems people have with the pod perhaps I am lucky mine seems to be hassle free. Now my CGMS is another story;).

Good luck

On Monday my pod peel off in middle of my Spinning class. I just ordered Skin-Tac adhesive to stick that pod on my arm and keep riding my bike and doing weights without the pod falling off.

Great, thanks alot. but anyway we definitely need “extras” solutions (smalls but very important) to keep the Pod in place.
The OmniPod’s Company may delivery those with the supplies to us… What a great idea hum???

Have a great one everyone and for sure it wanna be better in the right time.



You should definitely ask OmniPod.

At Smiths Medical when ordering supplies there was an additional cost ($14) for IV Prep wipe/50 wipes which was not covered by my insurance but definitly worth it!!


Davi…after a month or so on the Pod, a customer service rep called to see how I was doing with it and I asked him that question. He recommended using an adhesive, but didn’t offer the information on getting it. Apparently they are hard to find in stores, most people seem to order it.

I agree that it would be easier for us if Omnipod supplied it. Hopefully, they will work out this glitch that some of us have dealt with. In the meantime, I followed tony’s recommendation and ordered a free sample of Skin Tac to try. I don’t know how to post the link, but I started a discussion on the Omnipod users group a few days back and he posted it there. You can find it by researching that group’s or my or tony’s discussions. Good luck.

Hey! just to let everyone know that Skin-Tac worked great for me. I apply it directly on the pod, let it dried for a few minutes then put the pod on my skin. I went and did some weight lifting and then I gave a 1hr Spinning class, and the pod didn’t peel off. The Skin-Tac that I ordered was the liquid, but they have it on wipes(more expensive).

Here is the link to order some skin-tac samples

Here is the liquid Skin-Tac

Hope this help!