OmniPod + Marathon Training + Texas Heat = Frustration

Hello! I've been on the OmniPod for about two months after 24 years of injections for my T1 diabetes. The goal, obviously, was to be healthier and have better control of my diabetes. I also wanted to make it easier for me to train/run a marathon. I did a marathon last year, but it didn't go well. I had to stop a few times to check my levels and to take an injection.
The thing about the OmniPod is it's great when it works. But it's awful when it doesn't. I can't keep the thing on. Because it's August in Dallas, I sometimes have to do my run when it's 106 outside and terribly humid. The only method that has been able to secure the pod is SkinTac. Unfortunately, I'm extremely allergic to SkinTac. (Trust me. It's not the adhesive on the pod or the supplemental tape, it's the SkinTac.) Does anyone have a method that works? I've tried so many things and have lost so much insulin and so many pods, not to mention the resulting high blood sugar levels. (Sidenote: has anyone got on the OmniPod and had an A1C that's higher than it was before?)
If someone's going through the same thing, or has gone through the same thing, please let me know. I'm going to run this marathon. I just have to figure out if it should be with an OmniPod, injections, or another pod.
Thank you!

When you first start out on ANY pump, there's a chance your A1C will initially be higher. This is because (as you may know) there's a substantial adjustment period where you need to figure out your basal/bolus rates and how to use the pump.

To make the pod stick better, consider using a layer of opsite flexifix (available on amazon) between your skin and the pump. You can even put some skintac over the flexifix stuff so that the skintac doesn't come into contact with your skin. During the summer, my sites can get VERY itchy and using the flexifix between my skin and the infusion set does the trick for me.

You also may want to consider trying another pump. I do distance running and use the Revel without any issue. The one good thing with tubed pumps is that you can try any number of infusion sets to find the one that works for you. The tubing really isn't that big of a deal for me. I was worried about it at first, but got used to it quickly. I stash my pump in a SpiBelt when running and haven't had any issues.

I recommend going to this site and ordering an arm band

No, I don’t work for them, but these things will keep your pod in place. They have some fun designs too!

Good luck, I hope the OmniPod works out for you.

Oh, and yesm my A1C was higher when I first went on the pump. My Dr. said that is perfectly normal.

Opsite is next on my list of items to try. I may do as you say and do that with the SkinTac. Thanks for the suggestion!
I'm just very nervous about tubed pumps, but may have to give it a try. This has been a very expensive experiment so far. My doctor keeps saying we just have to get through summer, but I run and thus sweat year round.

I've looked into bands4life, but haven't bought one yet. It generally does okay on my arm, but I run all week and can't keep the pod on my arms only. I do see they have other bands, though, so I'll give that a try.
Thanks for letting me know about the A1C. It was a little jarring to see it so much higher. (Especially since my blood sugars haven't reflected those numbers--except when it comes off and I didn't realize it.)
Thank you!

I did get a bands4life and your are correct - on the arm the band is great but when I put the pod on my abdoman I have had it come off in weather that caused me to sweat in that area.

Yep, I'm like you and it was one of the reasons I discounted the Omnipod. When I got the sample pod, it was pretty big and heavy. One of the first things I thought (after wondering if I could hide it under my clothes) was, "Will this thing stay on with all my sweat?" I am a heavy sweater and live in a humid area, so it was definitely a no go for me.

Also, with the tubed pumps, you can try a variety of infusion sets to find one that works for you. I'd been using the Mios for the last year and rarely had any significant issues with them sticking (Over the infusion set, I use the IV3000 tape that has a cut out for the infusion set). But then I was having some bent canula issues and tried a different set (the Quickset). I was surprised to discover that it stuck to me better than the Mio even! After 4 days (which included lots of sweating from the gym and running outside) and 8+ showers, I still had quite a time getting that thing off me.

And when I say I'm a serious sweater, you have to believe me. Friends make fun of how much I can sweat during a workout.

I say give a tubed pump a try. I have the Revel and have been really happy with it. I also have heard good things about the Ping.

I lose pumps all the time due to swimming and surfing. Most of the time it is the tape material that rips and then becomes loose and I have to take it off, but the adhesion is in place. I never use skin tack, I only use rubbing alcohol for a clean dry placement.

I have had 2 a1c's since and both have been higher. I am having a hard time. I also have had to infections under the skin where the site was and had to take biotics. I am taking a break to see what my next A1c is. Frustrated!

For running, Opsite works great. I cut strips and stick them directly to the pod then strap the pod directly to my skin with the tape over the pod adhesive. I've never had a problem losing a pod that way under the most humid and sweaty gym/running situations. Opsite will stand up to humidity pretty well.

There are any number of other tricks to use to keep the pod on as well. It will stand up to the sweatiest. most humid, Brazilian Jiujitsu workouts given the right amount of support.

If you are having success with your Omnipod, sweating, running, and hunidity are no reasons to give up on it.

Ok, you know more than me. I am thinking of putting my son on the omnipod. Only 9 yrs old and very active ice and roller hockey player. Thought the omnipod was better for atheletes... yes/no?

Try this works great for me. I have a problem with the pod not sticking. And anything I use to make it stick rips off too much skin and I am left with wounds.