Omni Pod Question

When I replace my pod on the stomach area, within the next day or so it becomes puffy and red in the window of the pod. Once I remove the pod it’s REALLY itchy. Anyone else have this same problem?

Thanks for your help!!

It sounds like you are allergic to the glue on the pod. I have eczema so know all about itchy skin, try some urea cream on the itchy patch, be sure always to apply cream after your shower to the area you use for your pod, it should just get your skin conditioned to cope with whatever sticks the pod to you.

the same thing happens to me. I find that if I don’t itch it (the spot) it eventually goes away. I personally feel that it it is a skin reaction. If you think about it, that small piece of skin was covered by the pod for 2-3 days, the skin received no oxygen. Also, think of it this way, when you put a band aid on your finger – and take it off the next day, doesn’t the skin look kind of strange and bumpy? Same situation with the pump. Also, good point pastelpainter, I have excema and lotion does help things get better. But, I would be concerned about the adhesive sticking with the lotion on the skin. Good luck!

Hi Megs, My son uses OmniPod and DexCom and has had different skin reactions to each. OmniPod is definitely much easier on him. There was only one time when it started to both him. I had not been paying attention to his skin and it had become dry from repeated placement of the adhesive. Since keeping on top of it with either Eucerin or Aquaphor, the issue went away entirely. We’ve recently had to start changing his sites every two days as opposed to three and his skin has reaction extremely well to that. I’m amazed at the difference, actually.
DexCom was another story though. I spent a year trouble shooting various techniques and skin barriers. We have finally found a solution that works for Caleb.
Have you seen the adhesive tips and tricks pdf they have on their website?

I really have to start rereading my comments before hitting “add”. “Bother” not “both” and “reacted” not “reaction”. Geesh! I also make it sound like we had increase his site change frequency bc of skin issues - that is not the case. It has to do with a new insulin that seems to poop out at 48 hrs.

Thank you again for all of the suggestions!!! I really appreciate it! LOVE this site :)!