Pod adhesive allergic reactions

I have a question. Does anyone else that wears the OmniPod have allergic reactions to the pod's adhesive tape?

I have been wearing the OmniPod since about July 2013 and have been having lots of trouble with the adhesive on the back of the pods that stick to your skin. In October of 2013, on a place where I did stick my pod, it started getting irritated and had looked as though that I had been burned. It was blood red and had white puss coming out. After a couple of months of doctoring it and keeping it bandaged, it did eventually heal, but there is a scar from it. Right Now, I have another knot/bump right up above it, a place where I have not placed a pod, which is strange. Actually, right now I have 3 bumps/knots all over my stomach area. One (the one over the last area infected) has since started having the puss draining out and isn't as painful as the other 2. The other 2 are on the other side and one of them is in my pants crease area, and hurts like the dinkins when I have to go to the bathroom or anytime I have to pull my pants up to that area. What these bumps/knots do is get SO BLOOD RED with puss and hurt like the devil then they will pop themselves and start draining the puss. It hasn't been quite this bad since the other infected area and I am assuming it is the adhesive tape from the pods. Have been also having trouble with little bumps (ones that are little enough to pop and not hurt) ever since as well. I like my OmniPod since it is tubeless and would like to keep using it.......BUT if this stuff keeps up, I'm gonna had to switch back to my Medtronic insulin pump and have the tubing back again, which I didn't mind, and I sure didn't have any trouble whatsoever with the adhesive tape on the back of Medtornic's tubing and resiviors. What can I do?? I do use an alcohol swab in between changings. Is there different swabs I can use that can sanitize the area better or is there other adhesvies that I can use? I am already going to change my areas for my pods for a while. Changing from my abdomen to my outside arms and outside upper thighs. HELP!!!!!!!!

Hi Patti,

That sounds terribly like a herpes infection. Do you get cold sores? If you do and touched one before applying a pod, you may have infected yourself, although I've never heard of it on the stomach before.

Have you had a doctor look at these bumps? You definitely should. I'm not altogether sure it's the adhesive.

if these reactions are as bad as you describe, I hope you are seeing your primary or a dermatologist....I am usually extremely sensitive to adhesives, but luckily the fabric and adhesive of the omnipods has ot been a problem for me in the 14 months i've been on it.

good luck !

Thank you for replying.
No, I do not get cold sores very often. I forgot to mention that I have very sensitive skin. I have never had these bumps/knots happen before until I started using the OmniPod in 2013. I had been using a Medtronic insulin pump from 2007-13 and never had any trouble. I have been thinking about going to see my dermatologist about these and seeing what she thinks.

I was more sensitive to the Tegaderm overlays on my Dexcom than I am to the pod adhesive. I'm pretty impressed with the adhesive, it stays on for three days and three showers, unlike the Dex which starts furling up on day one of shower. Always have to tape it down for week two.

The only problem I had with the Pod and this just happened once, was an irritation where the cannula went in.

I do get itchy around both adhesives but no obvious signs of an allergy.

So sorry about this - I know it is maddening!

Still I would get it looked at and the sooner the better. No sense suffering needlessly.

There are some barriers that can help if it is the adhesive. Check with your nurse educator once you have the problem diagnosed and know how to clear it up.

I think you can probably confirm that this is the problem with the help of a dermatologist. Other people have reported some sensitivity in the past but this is the first I've heard of something this bad.

If it is the pod then you might like to take a look at the Animas Ping; it's also tubeless and the controller is waterproof (to a limited extent), unlike the PDM.

John Bowler

I too have problems mostly on my legs , in order to get the pods to stay on I have to use a product called skin tac which is supposed to get be hypoallergenic but even so on my legs I was getting terrible welts almost like hives , one prescription that seems to have helped quite a bit in called flovent it is actually a steroid inhaler but you spray it on your skin before you apply the pod let it dry for a little bit

Run – don’t walk-- to your doctor or dermatologist. Sores like you describe are nothing to try to resolve without medical help. I, too, have very sensitive skin, but most of the time the Pods are fine. I have learned, though, after being on the Pod for six years, that some sites cause me trouble. I would love to wear the Pod on the “love handle” area on the side of my body just above the belt line, but each time that I place a Pod there, it burns like fire and the skin turns red after about two days. If I move the Pod more toward the front of my body, I am fine. Go figure. Does the Pod burn no matter where you put it? If so, ask your dermatologist about products to use before you put one on. I love the Pod, so I hope you can find something that work for you.

You need to put on one of the protective films
They are listed on the Omni pod web site

the ones I use are

Coloplast Protective Skin Barrier

or Cavilon - No Sting Barrier Film by 3M

both work but they are not perfect.

I never had a problem with the adhesive on the old pods but the new pods they must have a new adhesive and I have an allergic type reaction. You can get either with Amazon

Good luck,


We went through various barrier products like skintac. Now we use toughpads by Johnson & Johnson. We apply the toughpad, then put the pod on top and activate as usual. No more rashes and also no more need for tape to keep the pod on.