Omniloop: import/export settings?

I’ve been using the free side of developer for omni looping and finally have the paid developer.

Is there a way to back up / export the settings like you can in Xdrip+ so that when I build the real paid development version I can restore/import those same settings like you can in Xdrip+? If not, what info do I need to write down so I can manually set it up again?

I believe that when you rebuild, you want all your settings/configurations written down on paper.

I believe you are looking for this part in the documentation:

Which branch are you setting up this time? Just curious.


Thinking JoJo Beeps. I miss the beeps.

As an aside, have you noticed an increase in insulin usage? In general, I’m seeing that I use more but don’t track it.

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I haven’t checked, but I will try. Can you send me a link to your branch so I can look at it?

If I were to guess, I would guess that I am using less insulin because Loop suspends delivery a lot for me. I am pretty insulin aggressive at meals.

Darn it, Tidepool wont give me detailed records about insulin usage during any other time period than the current week. How are you accessing this data?

@mohe0001 You can use Nightscout Reports to show you your daily bolus/basal usage as well, over your selected period.

Fantastic! Thank you. I guess I’m not supposed to be configured to upload data through share, also. That’s why my data goes down during thunderstorms.

Back to configuration…I’ll get back to Brad with hard numbers on insulin usage. A study that someone posted today showed (kinda) that insulin usage might not be expected to change in most people. Real-world implications of hybrid close loop (hcl) insulin delivery system

I’m up now finally! I really wish they’d do something like Xdrip+ does where you can export/import all your settings.

As an aside, it took almost 3 hours last night! First, my transmitter was running out of juice, so changed that. First sensor fell off early, Then I put another one on and it jammed! Third one was a deep bleeder! Finally the next one worked.

Then on to the pod. Changed pod as I went to JoJo Beeps. Good thing I took the screen shots. Had to uninstall the regular loop first so the RileyLink could be recognized. Then had to put in all my settings. WOW! Lots of work!

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Congratulations! I’m looking forward to hearing how you progress!

I am using Jojo because I don’t want beeps, but everything about JoJo is better than the basic Loop. And those who want beeps ar very happy with JoJo Beeps. It gives you back the ability to use the equivalent of Temp Basals.

Although I took screenshots of my settings, when i installed the JoJo branch, it overwrote my original Loop program but kept all of my settings. One thing that is great about JoJo is that when you make changes in your Loop settings, it automatically transfers those changes to your Nightscout site.

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