Omnilooping setup suggestions

Finally biting the bullet and ordered my RileyLink, iPhone SE and will do the virtual mac on my laptop.

Here’s my current setup:

Dexcom G6 / Omnipod (original). Dex is read on my Galaxy S10+ by Xdrip+ which pushes to my nightscout site and to my huwawei 2 watch.

My question is this: Should I l just use Dexcom on the iPhone and leave the rest as is, or is it better to connect nightscout to the iPhone?

And if I leave as is, would I even need a cell data plan? I have some WiFi in parts of my work and at home.

I am still waiting for my RileyLink and Dexcom G6.
I would leave everything as is, on the Android, since its working.

To the best of my knowledge,
I would just add Nightscout and apple iOs healthKit to the iphone SE for the Dexcom stuff. If your iphone SE is CDMA unlocked it can access a Sprint network, which I think has an unlimited data plan through Best Buy for $20/month. You will need unlimited data if you want someone to have real time access to the Nightscout data. Otherwise, I think the devices are fine communicating through bluetooth without a cell plan.


I just added a sim to Google Fi for data only which is useful for uploading to nightscout, but other than that, I only use my iPhone SE for Loop. No cellular.

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understand. Do I need to upload to nightscout on my iPhone running loop, or can I allow the S10 phone to upload to nightscout? I will be carrying both phones.

How will the S10 get the data to push to nightscout? Via xDrip+? If you are using iPhone for looping, you’ll want to use the Dexcom App on the iPhone or Spike on iPhone. These apps need to upload the diabetes data to Nightscout either via Wi-Fi or your iPhone data/cellular network. Alternatively, iPhone Loop will also read BGs from the Dexcom Share server so if you are pushing your BGs to Dexcom Share using xDrip+, that might work, but you’ll need to ensure your iPhone Loop is online to retrieve the data.

“You will need an internet connection for both the Dexcom Share app as well as the Dexcom Follow app to work correctly. You may connect to a WiFI network or move into an area that has cellular data service.”

ok, so I can’t just let the iPhone collect data locally for Loop and let the S10 do the upload to nightscout? Or sync it later via wifi?

Just trying to figure costs here.

If I absolutey must have data, what do you recommend:

  1. Add a line on my AT&T account for $20+tx and share 12GB of data over now 3 phones
  2. Google Fi - I believe someone said I can get a data only sim for $10/gb?
  3. Sprint has an add-a-line special $200 GC plus cheap unlimited for $25/month+ tax good through 6/30/2020 but then goes up to like $60. Kickstart I think it’s called? (my wife has that special, since expired, where she gets free unlimited for the cost of tax. Unsure when that’s over).
  4. Something else not mentioned? (it’s an unlocked iPhone SE with both antennae so they said it will work with any provider).

Went with the Sprint deal. Just waiting patiently for the rileylink to arrive. Haven’t received my shipping notice yet.

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Did get my rileylink and had a few days off 7/3 and 7/4 so took the time to get it up and running. Absolutely LOVE it and would highly recommend it to anyone who would l like to try. Great FB support as well. The documentation is also excellent.

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Congratulations, @BradP! Glad to hear it is working out so well for you, but I had no doubt that it would! Someday, I’ll be wearing your shoes and those of all the many others who are looping!

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I’ve made a lot of progress with my Omnipod Loop.
If you want to check it out, see here

Few questions for you techies:

  1. Why on my nightscout site do I not have the 3 graphs? See
  2. It appears that I have to use Dexcom share to get it to work. I noticed the web site lags a bit behind as does my Galaxy S10+ which feeds my watch. Should I change the source on S10+ from nightscout to share perhaps?
  3. Data wise, any idea how much it is using? I"m on an unlimited plan for now, but once the promo is over, may switch to a by the gb plan.
  4. When doing basal testing, it says to change it to OPEN loop while testing. Does that mean that the basal settings will work without intervention, just not the micro boluses that are adjusted every 5 minutes?

Any other tips to share?