For looping what do I need and to do?

I have been interested in trying to set up a loop system. I am on on the older version of Omnipod (not dash). Which I think is what you need. And a Dexcom G6. I have an iphone 8 and a HP PC.

I am not tech savvy.

I know I need a riley link.

Xdrip supposedly has an ap for iphone, but in reading about it, it looks like it isn’t compatible for a G6??? Spike isn’t working these days because of the download unless you jailbreak your phone or something??? Someone mentioned the G6 works on xdrip but you have to have access to an apple computer to set it up only? I don’t.

So I’m really not sure of much of anything right lol…so I figured I’d ask!

No need to be tech savvy.
Start with


I am not sure if they have updated the code yet, but when I did it (less than a year ago), I needed a mac to build the app. And I had to get an Apple developer license to be able to put the app on my phone and have it run for more than 7 days. (Without an Apple developer license, it only runs for 7 days on the phone. With a developer license it will run for a year I think, and then you need to reinstall it.)

So you need:

  • a Mac
  • an Apple developer license (costs about $100)
  • a Riley link
  • Xcode and some other software for the Mac (all free)
  • the Loop code, which is also free and easy to download
  • the old style pods (which you already have)

The only things that cost money are the Mac, Riley link, and dev license. Plus an iPhone and pods, but you already have that.

There are a lot of people here who know how to do this, I am tagging @Trying just because I know her well, and she knows Loop very well. :grinning:


I built my Loop app on a MacBook. However, I see many reports on Facebook from people that built their Loop app on a windows pc using a virtual machine to run Apple software.


@BradP used a VM

@Marie20, you will be able to do it, if you decide that you want to. I have a local MN phone number for a woman who is still running and just had an a1c = 5.0 this week. She is great and loves talking about Loop. You can always call me as well with questions.

Expect to dedicate some time. Read the entire set of documentation before starting. Helmut posted it above.

iPhone 8 is just fine. But, the operating system needs to be updated to 12.4. If you are trying to find your way around the documentation, that information is here:


I concur with all of what @Eric2 mentioned in his previous post.

And as @Helmut mentioned, there are good instructions to build Loop on a VM of Mac on your PC if you do not have a Mac. It is also described in this FB post, and the VM and instructions are accessible from here. I’ve not tried the VM method though. It will probably require a fair amount of space to install the VM on your PC hard drive.

I am not familiar with xDrip for the iPhone. However, I am a long-time user of xDrip+ on Android and continue to use it on my Android but only for viewing data, not as a CGM BG collector. I carry two phones with me generally, my main cell phone for voice (Android), and my Loop dedicated phone (iPhone SE). Of course, for Loop all you need is iPhone. Most Loopers only use the iPhone. I like my Android, so continue to use it - totally unnecessary though for Loop. xDrip+ on Android has excellent features for viewing data on the phone. Loop does not have the ability to view data outside the current day, whereas xDrip+ allows you to view months of data, graphically, with various stats (SD, a1C, etc.).

Note, Loop does sync its data with Apple Health on your iPhone, so you do have access to all your data via Apple Health in a very simple UI on your iPhone. And, of course, Loop can be configured to sync all of your data with web apps, Nightscout, and Tidepool. These are both excellent apps to view current and historical data and generate reports. I use both of these apps.

I would recommend using the Dexcom app on your iPhone, rather than the Spike or xDrip+ apps. Install the Dexcom app on the same iPhone device you use for Loop. This ensures Loop gets BG readings directly via Bluetooth on your device so no network access is necessary. If you use xDrip+ on an Android phone, you’ll need to have network access (cellular/WiFi) to sync BGs between Android and iPhone. It is safer to use Bluetooth on the same device since network connections can and do fail!

I’m not sure if I answered all of your questions but feel free to ask any specific questions. I agree with @Helmut that you do not need to be tech savvy. Many non-tech savvy Loopers have installed Loop :slight_smile: Documentation is very detailed and well written, and Loopers are always ready to help!!


Thank You Everyone! I appreciate the help!


I concur with what Trying is saying. I too am using an iPhone SE (now 2020 edition) and the original Dexcom software and Loop on the phone. I have loop uploading to tidepool and Nightscout. I love that my doc can see Dexcom reports on his portal yet I can get data to Nightscout as well! I also have data on my Huwawei watch via my Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Xdrip. I even have my BS in a tab on my work PC so data is everywhere! All thanks to Loop!


My loop is androidaps. I use medtronic 722, US 14 libre sensor which I can caliobrate via xdrip plus, rileylink. It is great and has lowered by out of pocket sensor cost allowed better control. I hope to see more pump options soon but unfortuately maintream pump companies are behind europe including tandem and medtronic in being open. Tidepool will be an alternative for some in a year or more but will not be vendor neutral for hardware selection. DIY like openloop and androidaps are so far ahead.

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