Me, too :slight_smile: I’ve been looping for a couple of weeks. SD and TiR has improved greatly on non exercise days. Still working on fine tuning settings for long runs. Very optimistic though! :slight_smile:


“A couple weeks” is still early - sounds like you are going great!

Three times now, I’ve found the first week to be frustrating - less so with each startup though. From there, stats improve each week and then plateau to a comfortable zone. “Of out range” gets a whole new definition!

Has “workout mode” helped with your runs?


Yes, the workout overrides have been helping!! I’m using Katie’s JoJo branch which has the ability to create multiple overrides. I created a “workout mode” for Running and one for Post-Running. I had to tweak these many times through trial and error for my runs. So far, I have it working pretty well, but each day is different as we know, so I must always monitor it carefully. My Running override is now set for a target range at 170. I started with 110, which ended up being too low because Loop bases temp basals on the Predicted BG. Since I was ZB for an hour before the run (depending on BG) and during the run, I think Predicted BG gradually became high, even though I wasn’t actually going high. So it would start to give a temp basal during the run :frowning: potentially causing me to go low. So far, it is working much better than pre-Loop!!

The other probably I’m having is not related to Loop, but to Dexcom! My worst days by far since Looping have been those days where the sensor has failed. I need to be more alert to sensor failures. I don’t give up on them easily, and let them continue to cause havoc, potentially causing 1-2 days of bad results :frowning:

Yes, you are right! “Out of Range” now has a double meaning!! :wink:


I’ve only recently heard mention of the Jojo branch. I keep meaning to investigate it. What made you pursue it? The multiple overrides only or other features?

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Katie mentioned it in the Looped FB group a week or so ago, mentioning the overrides. I think that is the main diff between it and the omni-dev branch. It allows one to create multiple overrides. I even have one for Fake Lows, which attempts to override the endless ZB loop gives me during a meal. I’m sure those are probably related to my settings being off, but it causes me to go high.


I’m now Omni-Looping as well. 7 days so far and I do like it a lot. I’ve been able to sleep through the night now.

And, I’m using old pods that are over 3 years old! They still work, and in fact yesterday I went 80 hours on 1 pod.

I’m planning on looping until Control-IQ comes out since I was already using Basal-IQ. Was disappointed that Control-IQ got delayed so I decided to get my old pods out from the basement and start Looping. Glad I never threw them out. :slight_smile:


I started using the Omnipod for the first time ever yesterday in anticipation of looping. Figure I’d try to dial in the settings for a couple of weeks before my RileyLink arrives. Rumor is that it will be shipped earlier than the original projected date of late June/early July.

Right now my biggest concern is the reliability of my Dexcom G5 during the first 24 hours. I think I need to go back to inserting the new sensor well before starting it. Here is yesterday’s disaster 18 hours after starting the sensor.


Yikes, that is a disaster! Sorry!

Yes, I have the same concerns with G6! So far, my 4th sensor is on its 4th day and pretty accurate. I’m hoping it will last the full 10 days.

Yes, someone said it is a good idea to soak the new sensor 12+ hours before using it. I’ve yet to test that out since all of my G6 sensors have failed way before the official expiration of 10 days.


I think this is good use of your time waiting for the RileyLink. There is a bit to learn about using the Omnipod and dealing with the uniquely O’pod aspects now, without the addition of learning Loop, makes sense to me.

While I have not made a regular habit out of placing CGM sensors early in a “pre-soak” situation, I found that the initial numbers produced by a sensor that has already had up to 24 hours of tissue residence time did perform more accurately.

Good luck with your Loop preparation. This wave of OmniLooper enthusiasm is fun to watch.

I’m certain that medical device manufacturers are a little ill-at-ease with this patient-led movement. I think most of them have grudgingly accepted not only that this movement is here to stay but that manufacturer marketing and design teams can no longer discount the patient perspective when it comes to their commercial development choices. We do live in interesting times!


I have wondered if this is true, do you think that manufacturers are closely watching the DIY community and saying to themselves “Why didn’t we think of that” I wonder if some of the innovations that are coming from grassroots efforts will eventually show up in mainstream products.


My comments, of course, are speculative. I do think that the #WeAreNotWaiting movement has factored into the device manufacturers’ thinking. While this group of early adopters and innovators do influence the larger market, they are small in number and their thinking does not dominate.

Consider the large commercial success of the Medtronic 670G. I’ve read reports that this pump model is used by well over 100,000 people. The DIY movement, until the recent adoption by the OmniLoop cohort, is only a few thousand, at most.


I’ve been having too much trouble with my Dex G4 to consider looping until this problem is solved. Need to have all my ducks in a row. @Dave44 made the valuable observation that maybe my receiver is simply getting old and unreliable (lots of loss of data transmission with a brand new transmitter). I see my Doc in a couple of weeks. Should I upgrade to G5 or G6?

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Have you tried the Dex mobile app? If you are thinking about Loop then I would recommend installing the Dex official mobile app on your iPhone. I only used the G6 receiver for a few minutes just to test it out and get the new transmitter up and running. I’ve since turned it off.

I would upgrade to G6. I went from G4 Share to G5, and a few weeks ago I upgraded to G6. I find G6 more accurate and less painful on insertion. HWR, as others have noted in other threads, sensor failures occur more frequently. I’m 3 for 3 where the sensor has failed < 10 days. However, my 4th sensor is on 7 days now, so I’m hopeful this one will last the full 10 days! Also, Dexcom has replaced the 3 failed sensors.


Helpful! Thanks a bunch

Here is an article discussing the risks of restarting the factory calibrated Dexcom G6 sensor. Also it mentions that “soaking” the factory calibrated Dexcom sensor may also throw off the calibration. I think he is suggesting if you do soak it, best to use no code when inserting the sensor. Just my take. I still have yet to get a sensor to last 10 days. I’m hoping my current sensor which is on day 9 will be my first!! :slight_smile:


I am not using G6 yet because I am on Medicare and Dexcom has delayed delivery to the 4th quarter of this year. I think this stuff is not an issue for G5.


Yes, I think you are right. Sorry, I thought you were on G6. Good luck getting G5 working better, soaking sounds like ur would help.

We barely get ten days as well. On day nine or ten we get the ??? Equivalent and have yet to be able to restart a G6 sensor successfully.

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I started looping two weeks ago with my G4. I’m using the G4 w/share, so in addition to the rileylink and an old iPhone, I’ve got a lot of gadgets to carry!

I’m going to jump to the g5 or g6… sounds like the G5 may be the better way to go with looping? The g6 increased accuracy would be nice, but sounds like there are a lot of folks with site trouble. I’ve been T1 for 20+ years so plenty of scar tissue limiting my site selections.


That’s great! Please post and let us know how it helps you maintain control!!

I’m not sure it is scar tissue that causes the G6 failures. I also had problems w/ G4 and G5 reaching their stated expiration dates :frowning: I was hoping G6 would be better. And actually my latest sensor expires today, so it will reach its stated expiration period of 10 days. That is much better than the G5, for me, since I struggled to get accurate readings at 7 days! So for me, I am happy with the G6 and glad that I upgraded.