OmniPod 5 Nightmare

I have been attempting to change from the OmniPod Dash system to the OmniPod 5 closed loop system, going from a Freestyle Libre CGM to the Dexcom 6, but with no success so far. I contacted OmniPod about 2 weeks ago to set-up on-line training. I took their e-training class, watched the videos, etc… I paid for the sensors, transmitters and the OmniPod 5 pods and a controller (no iPhone app, no sense that this is a priority for Insulet). Never heard back from anyone at Insulet regarding the training. Called Insulet customer support, they expressed “Shock - pure shock” that I had no response and mailed me an additional OmniPod 4 Dash Pod to use while they had someone contact me (I can no longer get them from my pharmacist because my prescription changed). Still nothing. Called them back, they claimed that the last customer support person goofed, and promised me a call within 3 days. I told them I have been without an insulin pump for two weeks. They told me that’s too bad, three days is the best they can do. I will see if that even happens. This transition has been a nightmare. Insulet’s customer support is terrible. They give you the “soft yes” - that is they promise to correct everything, then nothing. My credentials for the training site were suddenly cancelled, and they were unable to send me a password re-set e-mail until I spent half an hour on the phone with support. This is a company that has grown too fast. They cannot properly support their customers. A cautionary tale for those who are considering the switch.


This terrifies me. I’m going through a six month slog that my endo says my insurance company - Kaiser, his employer - requires.

I assumed that at the end of those six months I would seamlessly be able to start fighting with the Omnipod 5. Having never used a pump, I don’t expect the learning to be without frustrations, but I did not imagine I would battle corporate incompetence.

If it has to happen, I hope it happens early when I’m still used to MDI. Fingers crossed for the next few months…

I also have Kaiser but getting a pump was simple. I have a 20% copay but since Kaiser gets a discount,I end up paying about 10%

Right before Christmas my sister texted me a picture of her new OmniPod5 kit that just arrived. She had been using the original Eros pods before. I asked her when her training was and she said her endo told her to watch videos online and call if she needed help!! Then my sister suggested that I could set it up for her when I visited for Christmas. And I did, never having used OmniPod before, only Medtronic. And I don’t even use Medtronic’s auto mode.

I basically just copied the settings from her old PDM into the new one and changed just one, her active insulin time. It was set for 2 hours in her old PDM, which was odd. I set it to 3 in the OmniPod5 controller because my sister is terrified of lows and as a result has let her BG stay high all the time with an A1c in the double digits.

She texted me the other day to say that in the 45 days since she started the OmniPod 5 her A1c has dropped 2 points and she’s thrilled with the system.

Maybe if you call OmniPod again and tell them you’re going to watch some videos online and do it yourself they may find the time to train you. Pump companies are not fans of users doing things themselves. It can open them up to lawsuits. Is there anyone at your endo’s office who can help with training?


I’ve noticed their service has definitely gone downhill. When my EROS PDM broke last spring, I contacted them. My pharm supplier had them listed, a starter kit with pods and pdm for $40. But they didn’t actually carry them. If I got them from someone they would reimburse me minus the $40. I couldn’t find a pharmacy that carried the kit. I called Insulet who insisted Optum had them. I called Optum and even talked to a supervisor… no they don’t have them, they just cover the purchase. I called Insulet back and they said Optum carried them. I told them no they don’t, I’ve talked to 2 different supervisors. I tried to talk to the Medicare consultant at Insulet of how do I get one, two calls and never got a call back. Several calls, Insulet had no idea of how to get one other than purchasing one through them($185). Learning from someone that when their PDM broke and was out of warranty they supplied him a courtesy PDM at no charge, I called Insulet back and told them, Optum doesn’t have them, no one can tell me where to get one, your Medicare department won’t call me back. Can I get a courtesy replacement and they said yes and sent me one.

It was nice I got a free one. Luckily I had a back up one that wouldn’t hold it’s date, but still worked otherwise. Because I would have been without a pump for about a month. A far change from when I first signed up and they handled everything for me.

I only completed the online training because when I called to schedule the training, I had a very similar experience. They said someone would call me back in the next three days to schedule a training 2 weeks out. This was a problem because my shipment of the new pump supplies had already been messed up - it included the pods but no PDM. Between my insurance and my doctor, it took me a month to get the new PDM so I was running low on the DASH pods. They wouldn’t send more DASH pods because I’d already received an order of Omnipod 5 pods. It was such a mess, and while I had Lantus as back-up, I really didn’t want to have to switch over unless I really had to.

The online training through their portal had pretty much all the background I needed. If you plan to use automode often, then maybe speaking with a real-life trainer would be helpful.

Honestly, I haven’t had a great experience with any pump companies. I’ve resigned myself to low expectations and always having a lot of supplies

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I might change to t:slim in one year when they discontinue the Omnipod controller. I’m on the old RF model pods and don’t want to get pushed onto BT pods/controller with the upcoming Omnipod models we are being upgraded to.

Although I know that t:slim is a very respected model of pump, and I believe that I can use my Dexcom with it, I’m pretty scared about any tech stack transitions. It’s a big deal and a lot can go wrong.

@Liz , Good work! That’s a really notable achievement - 2 points. Your sis is exactly who the closed loop system was developed for and its great that you were there to help make that happen. It’s a huge step forward for certain segments of our community who we don’t often get to talk to. It’s a really big deal.

Oh yeah.

I totally forgot I even signed up for a training until I read this. Bout 6 weeks ago I had an endo appointment and said I want to switch from minimed to omnipod5 system. Boom its at the CVS by the next day. I bring it home.

Call the registration and training lines. I have not heard back its been 6 weeks.

Meanwhile, I set up the pump and use the phone app. as my controller for omnipod and the dexcom g6. Its been great. Love it.

Compared to medtronic 770. Love no wires. Love all my info in one spot, easy to read. Same or better TIR. Can see all sorts of trends and graphs far easier. Reservoir changes are faster. Very glad I switched.

Tips…turn. off dexcom alerts and alarms, just use the omnipod alerts and alarms. 2 apps alarming at same time every time is silly.

I didnt wait for training. But if you need to, please do. I simply hit the button that said training completed. Boom. Omnipodding 24 hrs later.

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I would wait till the mobi and the tslim3 come out.

It wasn’t long ago that they were advising NOT to upgrade Omnipod due to supply chain shortages. I don’t know if that has been resolved.

I feel like this is the story everywhere!!! I walked into a store today and tried to order something. I stood there and rang the little bell for so long. Nothing! You can’t get service anywhere!!!

Yes, their delivery is awful. You can try a local pharmacy but, if you have insurance that permits 90 days of supplies, mail order is convenient.

I switched to CVS caremark for mail order supplies. You can also try Edgepark, which has been purchased by Cardinal (remember that name because it will send you the verification email under the Cardinal name, not the Edgepark name).

A good supplier is a great asset!

I’m new to this, can you tell me more about these models ? Why would you wait ?

You can check them out on the tandem site. Essentially the t3 is an upgrade to the t2. With wireless charging and is a bit smaller but not much
The mobi is half the size and no screen but it has an actual syringe on it so you can see the insulin and seems a bit t easier to load hard to know though. Also it is controlled all by phone
It can be worn as a patch pump or a standard tuned pump .

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