Omnipod 5 pods on backorder July 2022?

Hello! Parent of a teen here…my child just started on the Omnipod 5 a few weeks ago. GAME CHANGER! We love it!

It’s time for me to reorder pods and the pharmacy called to say they’ve been on backorder. I’m kinda stressing. I don’t want to go back to our old pump!

Her time in range went from 13% to >40% in just two weeks! The nighttimes are AMAZING! As is the Activity Function!

Our pharmacy is Walmart. I don’t want to switch around. It’s a pain. They’ve been great getting supplies so far, it’s likely not their fault.

Is anyone else using the Omnipod 5 and have you had issues getting pods yet?

You might want to have a second pharmacy in your back pocket for this kind of thing.

You won’t need a separate script, if you have a paper one it’s easiest to just bring it in. Otherwise your doctors office can call it in.

After it’s set up, it won’t be a bother until next year when they expire again.

Sometimes mail order pharmacies have more ability to get stuff faster

My usual pharmacy is CVS, but when I called Insulet they told me that Express Scripts was the only supplier with reliable Omnipod 5 inventory. They shipped my order right away