Original Omnipods Pods

As you may know, the original Omnipod was discontinued as of 2024.
I was having trouble getting Omnipod 5 approved by my insurance, so I stocked up on the old pods.
I have since gotten the new Omnipod 5 approved by my insurance and have no use for the old ones.
I’m willing to donate, give out free these pods to anybody still using these old pumps.
The only catch is; I will not ship them. The person or institution would have to pick them up.
I am located in South Jersey.
If anybody is interested, let me know.

I would take you up on it, but the closest I’ll be to your side of the country is MD. Thanks anyway for the offer. I just got the 5. Let me know how the transition goes. Are you worried about the hardware change at all? I am.

Loved the transition!!!
Night and day!

Hi edserrano et al. Unfortunately our Terms of Service do not allow sales, giveaways or exchanges of prescription items. It’s generous of you to offer, but I’m closing the topic.