Omnipod 5 trial participants talk about the trial

Loop and Learn did a YouTube live event last evening that I watched. Several people from the Loop and Learn community, led by Joanne Milo, interviewed several Omnipod 5 clinical trial participants along with a trial nurse coordinator.

A few of the participants had experience with the DIY Loop prior to the trial so they could provide some interesting comparisons. Even though I’m not queuing up for the Omnipod 5, I was impressed with the overall highly favorable remarks.

Both children and adults took part in this trial. The trial didn’t last too long and participants were given the option to continue in a trial extension and a high percentage took that opportunity. I think they were motivated by the ability to continue with the Omnipod 5 system. That’s a strong indication that patients like this kit.


As one who is queueing up for the O5, I hope the system is easy to adopt. I regularly get overnight highs, particularly after a high-fat meal and a couple of drinks. I try to wake up and take action, but I don’t set alarms because they are disruptive to my spouse. My numbers are pretty good but could be much better with better overnight control. I’ve been on the pod almost since the beginning, so I’ve been waiting for this for awhile.