OmniPod and Bikini season

Just last week was the first time that we went to the local pool since getting the pod. I at first had to get over the initial shock of the nerve of some people. This one guy actually was pointing me out to someone. I’m not too shy, but I must admit, it did get my blood boiling. As you have made it with T1, this akward-ness will too fade. Just beware of the inital E.T. references :0)

All my friends call it “the leech"
which I don’t mind since I know they realize how amazing it’s been for me to switch to the OmniPod. I get significantly fewer looks when I’m at the gym, or even swimming laps, than I do when I’m in the Hot Tub… I guess people think it’s some sort of pedometer or heartbeat monitor or something?
It’s still better than when I was doing MDI, I gave myself a shot at my favorite coffee shop once, where all the baristas know I am diabetic, and all the regulars do too (its a small place) and a man turns to me (I was also hiding behind a HUGE wooden pillar… I didn’t think anyone but the baristas could see me…) and says " you are the most disgusting person I have ever seen, to do something like that in public!” The baristas kicked him out… but in all onesty I’m fine with people pointing, and even thinking I am some sort of Bionic Woman for all the good the Pod has done me…

Cruise was great! I definitely have a little pod tan on my right arm. The pod never fell off, the scuba bags kept everything perfectly dry. The only problem I’m having now is on my sunburny spots I’m having little occlusion problems that I’m trying to work through. I need to find some unburnt real estate.

Also I didn’t notice anyone noticing it. One guy saw me on a shore excursion with a bandage around it (for canyon ziplining, yippee!) and was worried I had hurt my arm. Otherwise, guys checked me out, danced with me at the club, etc. :smiley:

sounds like you had fun!
Good to hear it!