OmniPod and Bikini season

Hi TeamD

I’m going on a cruise in 1 week. I got my Pod in December so this will be my first time in a bikini with the OmniPod. The thing is, now that I’ve had my Pod and my exercise is going well, I’m looking and feeling great! So part of me is really looking forward to putting on my bikini and showing off the more athletic me. I want to enjoy the skinniness that seems to be the silver lining of T1.

So on days when I’m wearing the bikini, where do I put the pod? Would love tips from veteran pumpers.

Put it wherever it is most comfortable!
I usually just leave mine on my lower back or side but the back of your arm works great too.
It’s all about what works best for you, I’ve never been worried about anyone seeing it or asking about it so that wasn’t a factor for me.
Good Luck

Try it right under the bikini line, or as low as you can go comfortably, in front. I find that a pattern stretch fabric does a lot in hiding it.

I agree with Alesha… put it where it works best, and do not worry about anyone “seeing” it. If you want to have fun, put some beach stickers on it – a sun or some flip-flops – and take your Pod to the beach! Any time that you know it is going to be seen, have fun with it. If and when people ask, that is your time to spread the word about how great the Pod is.

My daughter is on a cruise right now. She just e-mailed from the Bahamas and said she is having a wonderful time. So relax and soak up the sun. The great thing about the Pod is that if you get too warm, you can always jump in the pool and you do not have to worry about “disconnecting” from your insulin.

Have fun!

I haven’t had any fun in the sun with my Pod yet, but with my active lifestyle I have definitely found that (for hikes, water-skiing, and lap swimming) the back of the arm is the best spot for me. I guess it would also be the last spot I would get a noticeable “pod tan” … it’s not exactly a place people pay a lot of attention to…

I have found myself prone to pulling at/ ripping off stomach and back pods after a swim…they seem to loosen quite a bit.

That is my personal experience, please let us know how it goes…I would love to hear what you discover!

And have a blast on your cruise!

I tried once putting the pod on the back of my arm and it didn’t seem to work, I had to remove it after a few hours. I should try again to see if I can make that placement work, cause yeah, no one’s going to notice my back of the arm tan patch.

I exercise in my pool for an hour at a time and have not had it slip off. That has happened to me after showers but not swimming…must be a heat issue.

Slipping wasn’t the problem, it was uncomfortable and my insulin wasn’t being delivered properly.

Try moving the pod towards the side of your arm, I have found that if I place the pod too far back on my arm, I experiance the same thing… Pulling, pinching and poor delivery. It is all about trial and error (it took me about 5 tries to get a good placement on my stomach)

Pod on!

Have a great time!!! :slight_smile: I would go for comfort. Some people like to put it on the back of their arm and wrap around the pod and arm with a self adhesive bandage. I’m sorry I cannot think of the name of the bandage at the moment, but if you want a pretty bandage color (the wrap they put on after a blood draw) they can be bought at a pet shop. You can buy the normal color at any drug store. This may sound silly, but ithe wrap helps protect the pod.

That might not be a bad idea for some of the more adventurous shore excursions actually.

they are called Coban Wraps
I know they have some with pretty prints and such, but the link is for the plain-old 3M wraps…

Yay! I found a flesh colored roll for cheap at the grocery store today. Thanks for the tips guys! Next stop: Scuba store to find a bag that will keep my Pod remote 100% dry in the jungle.

Have a great trip.

On the omnipod page on facebook, someone mentioned that they use the Pelican i1030, a waterproof case for an ipod. I don’t know if it works, but something for you to look into.

I have a clear drybag that I keep in the boat when I am waterskiing. I can even punch the buttons through the plastic, so I only have to remove it if I want to test my BS…

Do you wear it on the inside of your arm or the outside? I have tried it on the tricep part of my arm and the insulin did not deliver as it normally does. I would like to wear if on my arm. I have heard not to wear the pod on a muscle because it will not absorb insulin as well.

I was on a carribean vacation for the first time while using the pod last year and had NO issues with it coming loose or slipping after Id been in and of the pool or ocean (although i tried not to be submerged in the water for more then 30-60 minutes at a time). The only thing to watch out for is that “pod tan”. I only wear my pod on my lower back so if i was sunbathing on my stomach, i would place a towel or my cover up just across the pod to 1. prevent the tan lines 2. protect it from direct sun. Did a pretty good job. this year I will be going away again and I think i will try to wear it even a touch lower on my back so the top of the bikini might cover it or wear it as low as possible in the front. Have fun and remember to bring extra pods in case they do come loose. I brought a ton with me, but didn’t have to use any extras.

This is the best way for me to describe the are where I wear my pods:
if you drew a line from the back of your shoulder to the tip of your elbow, I allign my insertion sites with that area, usually about 4 or 5 inches from the top of my shoulder. I always make sure it does not touch my back when my arm is at my side, if it does, it is too far back on the arm. When placing the pod, make sure to have your arm bent up (I put my elbow on the table when placing the pod) so that the skin in stretched and you won’t pull at the adhesive once it is placed.
I am not sure about the absorbtion, I am a pretty muscular person so I have about the same amount of muscle wherever it is comfortable for me to put the pod. My Endo told me that because you move your arms, and they have increased blood flow because of that, the insulin absorbs very well in that spot.
Of course that depends on the person and their body, but for me this is definately the case, I have the best absorbtion and the most comfort when I wear the pump on my arm.

You will never know until you try it!
Let me know if you want any more tricks!

I’m off to Malaysia next week… Looking back on this thread to see other peoples tips and tricks… How was your cruise, Laura?