Anyone on the omnipod? i would like to hear your experiences. i am using it and i often tear it off or knock it off, especially if i have it on the back of my arm or on my leg. it really irritates me, and i almost gave up on it but it has been working otherwise well for me when i can keep it on LoL...

what others places can you put it, i have tried to put on the top of my butt cheek but then i take off undewear and forget it s there and rip it off lol.. i am clumsy i know.

well basically i wanna know other experiences with the omnipod, are you doing ok with it, knocking it off, find it too big? I wish the pod came in another color but white.. i am a person of color, and the pod is very obvious on me. i wouldn't mind a brown or black pod :)

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I've been on the pod now for 8 months or so. I tend to wear the pod on the back of my arm. I will sometimes knick it on a door or a corner. I'm not super active during the day, so I have fewer opportunities to yank the thing off. I found that I would catch the pod on things when I wore it on my back, above the belt line. More than once some feature in the elevator would catch it and tear it loose, not all the way off, but loose enough that it would flap around until I changed it. How long have you been wearing the pod? Early on I was plenty clumsy, now I'm a lot more used to it and I've had fewer opportunities to rip it off.

Pods in flesh tones would be cool.

thanks for replying pete, yes i see u had same probs I have with the pod. I have been on it since July 2010.

i was looking for a armband that i could get to to over my biceps and all to put over the pod, but i am going to try a stocking (the ones lady wear) and see how that works. they told me to get a paintball armband, i am like that is too bulky.. i never knew i ran into the wall so much till i started the omni pod coz almost anytime i wear it on the back of my arm, i hit it on the door or wall, and sometimes i closed my car door with my arm when i am carrying thing and noticed i almost popped it off lol

btw i use yahoo messenger as miamiguye

thanks for answering

I wonder if a headband of small size and doubled up would give you the security you’re looking for. I have also had the pod itself separate from the adhesive. THAT is annoying. What I thought was an incredible economy with space actually turned out to be me being a klutz. It was a humbling movement.

i don't think the way the pod is attached to that tissue stuff is sturdy. i often loosen it up by mistake, then i get some cohesive wrap to put over it. so i can continue using the pump till expiration

and for the headband, i think it's too big for my arm, i have a big head and my arms aren't massive lol

but i am going to test some items to cover the pod when on my arm, i am still working on it.

yes the first 2 months i was regretting the pod, i was about to just give up on it, but was told i just have to get use to it, coz i often forget i have it on and end up knocking it off some how but have gotten much much better. i cant wait till they come out with the smaller pod and i hope they work on getting other colors..

btw how do i find easily how to get to replies to my discussion? i am new here and usually have to fiddle around to find when people write me or reply. on diabeticconnect its right at top, showing u have a reply or msg

Been on the pod about 3 months now, tried it on my arm once, put it on in the evening, the next morning in the shower - off it came! Don’t like it on my arm, too obvious and feels kind of “out there”. I like my stomach, just at my belt line but that area will get over used very soon. Second choice is my back hip. After that I am trying to figure out another spot!

i use the side of my leg. the top of my butt just below belt

and my abs,

my face place is my abs, never knock it off there and also my upper but, just hard getting it back there lol

You do have to be pretty loose to get there. The front abdomen makes it seem like I’m wearing a suitcase. I haven’t used the butt for pod placement. I should probably bring it into rotation because I’m pretty sure I’m going to over use my arms.

Instead of the back of your arm, try moving it horizontally and place it on your back. Right between your arm/armpit and shoulder blade. There's that little bit of fat that you won't usually hit at random. I run into walls all the times, I'm such a klutz! This spot seems to work very well for me, and it's comfortable for sleeping too.

My son had an adjustment period too..but the thing that helped him the most was Skintac wipes and unisolve wipes. Skintac holds it on soooo good that you are more likely to rip the pod from the backing before the adhesive off your arm. But... since skintac is soooo good make sure you have unisolve wipes ...(or I hear baby oil works..but haven't tried it cuz easier to carry around wipes) to take it off or you will really hurt trying to get it off. We feel the wipes are an essential part to his supplies now. You can find them online. He can also sleep better knowing that they won't easily peel off. Hope this info helps. So far our biggest problem w/ the Omnipod is pod change highs. Still trying to figure that out.. Good luck with it. Oh and as far as would be nice to be able to have ANY color than the white. White is too medical looking.