Slalom Skiing with the OmniPod

So. I start on my OmniPod on the 4th, and while waterski season may be a ways away, I have a couple of questions. I’m a member of a Collegate Waterski team, and I Slalom ski often (at least once a day in the spring and summer weather and water conditions permitting)

I wanted to know if anyone had any problems with the Pod coming off during waterski/wakeboard crashes? I’m looking for a lifejacket that covers the pod, but was wondering if that would be enough?
I’ve had trouble keeping my trial and saline pods on…

any reccomendations/suggestions?

can’t wait to be a full-time podder!

Do you use IV prep or plain alcohol when you put one on? I’ve switched to IV prep and it has worked better for me.

I’ve tried both, but Skiied with neither of them!
Mostly worried about the 30 mph impact with the water if I happen to crash badly!

Wish me luck!

Just curious Maia - you didn’t consider just going with a pump with tubing? I know with that type of pump (I wear an Animas 2020 - it’s water proof - so I can take it in the water - but with exercise - tend to disconnect). I think with the Pod if you were to disconnect, you are pulling the whole unit out of your body right (educate me here please)? I don’t think you can put the pod back onto your body after that, but again, maybe I’m wrong in saying that. I know with the Sure-T’s I use for my Animas 2020, which has a steel cannula, I can take the infusion set out, and then put it back in place again (tho’ it’s not recommended, but I’ve seen it done).

I did consider tubed pumping.

When the pump detatches, it unfortunately cannot be replaced. The insulin is also wasted. There is not “disconnect” feature.
For me, the tube-free life is the only way to go, I lived with a pumping friend for years, and the freedom of the pump without being tethered is what appeals to me. I know in a lot of ways you are even more “teathered” with the OmniPod, but to me (being as accident prone as I am) the fewer peripherals the better. Having seen the smaller pump that OmniPod will be releasing in the future, that also influenced my choice a great deal.

I weighed the pros and cons of all of these pumps and in terms of my daily life, beyond just Waterskiing, the OmniPod is the best choice for me.

hey i know that for me i’d be looking at waterskiing in about 2 months from now. I’m no pro, but I like to mess around on the skis and wakeboard for fun. That being said, I crash, a lot at 20-25mph. I don’t have a pump, but I’m going to get started on the minimed in the near future. Therefore I’ll be able to cover up my infusion set, but I’m worried about the CGM falling off. Let me know how this goes for ya!