Patch pumps

Do you think you would rather use an Omnipod or one of the future tubeless pumps? (For example: the solo pump)

I think I’d rather use the Omnipod because it has been out for a long time.

I’ve sampled both and much prefer the Solo. It’s just more comfortable. They say Omni is coming out with a sleeker model but the reps can’t give a time frame for it. I spoke to a rep from the company that just bought the Mendingo Solo just today and he believes it will be out for sale in around 18 months. The problem is the current production facility is much too small to be able to meet the demands once it goes global. Roche (the new owner) is working on getting the production up and running. I have no problem going with the “new” device. I even think(or maybe hope) it may be integrated with a CGM when it finally is available. Omni will also eventually be integrated with a CGM system but again, no one could give me a date. It’s not like this is new technology, before Roche bought it I would have “maybe” had concerns about customer support but not the device itself.

I also got a sample of the new solo pump, and I have to say the one I got was kind of flimsy … I don’t know how it will hold up to too many connects and disconnects. It may have been just a bad sample I’m not for sure, but my doctor office had solo sample that they had played with and it was falling apart. This was awhile ago so again maybe just bad samples? Also it does not automaticaly insert like the omnipod. That feature is one of my favorites with the omnipod pump and I wouldn’t want to lose it!

One of the reasons I am getting the Omnipod is because of the insertion lol. I really wouldn’t want to pull a needle out of myself, and the Omnipod does it quick. I’ve never felt the insertion but I’ll take peoples’ word that it feels like a pinch. Does it feel like a pinch to you?

The reason I didn’t get the Omnipod 4 years ago is because it was so new, and my parents and I were concerned about possible bugs and problems that hadn’t been worked out yet… and now I want to get a new pump, and I think that Omnipod has been around long enough and has proven its worth… so I agree with you. I don’t exactly want to be a guinea pig :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay, you should try to get it! :slight_smile:

I had the minimed pump before and had a real pain inserting it. So the first time I tried the omnipod I actually started laughing cause it was so easy! You will feel it and sometimes more in different locations, but it’s so quick and definitly a lot less than other insertions/shots i’ve had.

I’ll be glad to only do one shot every three days. Even if it’s a teensy bit more painful than the pen needle lol.

Actually less painful. The only time i feel it is if it goes STRAIGHT into a muscle, but even then it’s still not even as bad as a regular shot. It takes the Omnipod 1/200th of a second to insert, so it’s faster than you can feel it. You might feel a little prick, but that’s all. :slight_smile:

My biggest problem with the Solo is this: I got the trial. Went to school the next day, some guy ran into my arm in the hall and knocked the Solo off the cradle… i never felt it fall or anything. Wasn’t till i get home and layed down that i noticed it was gone.

At least with the Omnipod, if it gets knocked off, you FEEL it come off.

So basically if you tune out the loud beep you wouldn’t realise it?

Woah that’s fast. :open_mouth:

Most of them can be turned off. They don’t recommend it, but alarms like the low insulin alert, pod expiration, failure, ect, will always be on. They can’t be turned off.

It also beeps on suspend (PDM beeps then), if you cancel a bolus/temp basal/extended bolus, but most of them are so quiet you won’t notice it if there’s anyone talking. (I cover it up with the teacher’s lecture haha)

But yeah, pretty much. Haha. You get used to sleeping on it, and if you put it in the right place, you won’t feel it no matter what you’re doing.

My daughter’s been using the Omnipod for over 2 years now. I looked into the Solo because of all of the errors we’ve been getting. I would try the Solo now if we could. I like that their pod(or whatever solo calls it)can detach from the site. I assume that when it errors, I wouldn’t have to change the site every time. Almost every time I’ve pulled out an error-ed Omnipod pod, the cannula looks perfect. I really don’t know everything about the Solo yet though.

I would love too try a tubeless, flat pump, like the Solo. I like the MM 522 I have, but I sometimes get the tubing tangled when pulling it in and out up and down, to bolus. Having an integrated bous unit and glucometer, like I think , the Solo advertises, would be great. Supposedly. Medtronic is coming out with a slim, Tubeless pump that has an integrated CGM,in 2012. I would go for that… It would be the year my warranty expires for my current pump… I find the Omnipod to be too big and egg-like for me to sick it right on my body. However do you camoflauge it under a blouse, dress or shirt? Definitely can’t stick it in your bra? “Ouch”!!!

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I didn’t notice that the Solo advertises a built-in glucometer…where is that?

Also, what’s this about a Medtronic wireless with an integrated CGM?! What’s it called?! More, more!!! I’m all ears!!! XD

there is some research going around at Medtronics… I think I heard about it from one of the MM telephone reps I talked to while we were discussing my next updated pump. This discussion took place while I was ordering a replacement 522 ( Mine kept giving “motor error messages, so I got another) He mentioned this as a” refinement to the REVEL " I did not read about it in online.

I may have confused the Solo with another pump…I know that the SOLO is flat and appealing, though

I had it confused with the animas ping future update ;check out this from a thread/discussion on the Animas Pump users group:

Scuttle I have is a little of all of the above. Lifescan is tightening the +/- 20% on BGs. Dexcom is decreasing warmup time and a better algorithm and Animas has paperwork supposedly in front of FDA for a combined meter/remote/CGM receiver.

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I'm doing paperwork now for the Omnipod. I like it as I like to kayak & currently bolus & remove it to kayak. I'm looking forward to staying on (&in) the water longer with the Omnipod as it can go in water!! Very excited!!

Solo as an unpluggable reservoir too, so you don't lose insulin and if you use a lot of it you can refill.

But Solo is not out yet, and it has been a lot of years they say "soon".

Today for sure you have omnipod 1 and 2 within months.
For year end, in Europe, we should have Cellnovo.
Next year, perhaps, Solo.
In years to come there should be a SpringNow hybrid pump (no motor, but insulin under pressure and valves) and the long long long awaited medtronic patch pump (it will come to market only when they see omnipod selling a lot, I'm afraid)