Omnipod Dash

Is anyone using the new Omnipod Dash? If yes, what is your opinion of it?

I’m currently using the Omnipod and considering the new model.


I wanted to try it, but my insurance will not cover it the way it is branded.

I think that you will get the best info by joining the Omnipod group on Facebook. I think the potential of Dash is great but I do read of people having problems wIth the PDM and Bluetooth communication with the pods. But as always on social media, you hear the most from people having problems.

Is there something about it that makes you want to switch? What would be the benefit for you?

I don’t see any benefit for myself, and lot’s of potential drawbacks.

4-6 digits to unlock every time you want to use it, no BG meter, battery life does not last nearly as long as the current PDM.

Things like that.

I am just finishing my second day with the Omnipod Dash.

It seems great. I am learning tricks that make it meet my needs and getting used to working with it.

I am using my iPhone instead of the PDM. I would use the PDM as a paperweight if it was not that ugly.

If I were you, I might considering waiting until the new system comes out (potentially 2020). But, I’m lazy/hesitant to change tech until theres some functional benefit.

I definitely don’t want the new system. CGM does not work well. I will remain with finger sticks.

Did they change something? Last I heard, the PDM must be used for bolus and other changes. The iPhone is only for viewing status.


I’ve been on the dash for about 3 weeks now. I was previously on MDI for 10 years so I have no other pump to compare it to. I personally think the technology is great, and don’t mind the PDM. If it’s not the PDM you’re carrying around the PDM for the older model so to me it doesn’t make a difference for which one I would have to carry around. I will say that sometimes it takes a few seconds for the pod to communicate with the PDM if it hasn’t been near it in a few mins and will say “no pod communication” but it eventually communicates and hasn’t hindered me from bolusing or performing any other function. I can understand being upset about not having a meter built in to the PDM but since I have had that to begin with I’m fine with it.
Definitely a very personal decision!

I am using OmniPod DIY Loop. I bolus with the iPhone. Dexcom G6 is amazing. I finger stick only a couple of times every 10 days when the sensor is new. Even that is more a reflection of my OCD as opposed to real need.

If one can bolus with the iPhone, that changes everything. Then, one doesn’t need to carry the PDM. Can you provide more information how to do that?


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Great! Thanks for the info on Loop.


I’m heavy on the finger sticks, as well. CGM accuracy seems pretty random.

I’m thinking that will be addressed in the new commercial system (2020). G4 was far more accurate, so we know they can build something accurate. They will have to.

How do you get the loop app into the iPhone?

Building and installing the Loop app is described in great detail here:

Call me stupid. But, I couldn’t find any information how to download any software at


This is what I found:

Note: Tidepool Loop is currently under development. It is not available for marketing or sale.


Go to the tap “Building App”. You need a computer, a Mac or a PC with a Mac emulator. Then you have to download all tools that are required to build an iPhone app on your computer and the Loop source code. You need to enroll in the Apple Developer Program and get a license. The build process with take a couple of hours. During the build process you need to connect your iPhone to the computer. The finished app is transferred via cable from your computer to the iPhone.