Experiences with OmniPod Dash System

For many reasons, I am thinking of changing from the original OmniPod insulin pump to their new Dash pump. Does anyone currently use the Dash? If so, what is your experience with this pump?

My Dash system has just arrived, so I’ll be trying it out in a week or so…I’ll let you know!

I went ahead with the DASH mid-summer 2019 and have used it ever since. The transition from the older OmniPod controller to the DASH was very easy. The DASH controller is smaller and very easy to use. I think that you will like it. Good luck with it!

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Thanks for letting me know! I’ve got one pod left from my old system, and then I’ll be on the DASH! Glad to hear the transition was smooth…I hate change!!

Switched to the dash about 6 months ago from the original omnipod. There is not much of a difference. Thought I would like the new pdm more and that hasn’t been the case. Not very user friendly. Its just an outdated smart phone that Insulet was probably able to get a good deal on and converted it to a PDM.

My endocrinologist echoed some of my complaints about the user experience but said it was the bridge solution as Omnipod will probably have a smartphone app that can control the pods by the end of this year. Being able to control it with my iPhone will be great as its one less item to have to carry around.

The DASH is not that much different from the old PDM. The only true complaint I have is that the old one had the blood glucose meter built in, and the Android-phone DASH PDM, of course, does not. I DO like that the DASH is lighter, more slim, and easier to slip into a pocket in my purse. I agree with you that the DASH is probably a stepping stone to the next phase of control, so we all just have to hang in there and see what develops. However, if OmniPod says something will be released “by the end of the year,” be sure to ask WHICH year! Promised innovations in the diabetic world always seem to take longer than expected.

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I switched from the Classic to the Dash last December. My only issue is the pods. I’ve had a lot of defective ones. I hope they get their act together soon. I love the new PDM.

I have only had one problem with one Pod that did not prime. I have been on the DASH for over a year now, and I have had no other Pod issues. I hope that whatever made your Pods not work has been resolved.

I liked the idea of the site rotation as per the training, but when I go into settings, pod sites, it is on but I didn’t see the option when I did the pod activation. Maybe I will when I do my first “change” of dash pod site? I thought that was a smart change. I preferred seeing my basal rate as a list vs the bar graph in the dash. Also, I hate scrolling for numbers, I like to enter them either as a decimal (like some of the touch features) or with buttons like the old PDM.

I don’t like the bar graph either. I hope they bring back the list view. The pod site option is set just before you activate. After the prime I believe.

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