Need help to decide

hello everyone!

i just need an input especially from an omnipod user, ive been pumping for over a year now and since then i really love my minimed pump, recently, ive been trying to consider getting the omnipod, since im on the process of changing my doctor, im here in California now moving from Texas, so i need to get a new endo. anyways, i like the omnipod primarily because its tubing-free, less hassle to deal with, and you can use omnipod with any CGMs out there (DexCom/Navigator), i didnt know bout this before so thats why i didnt really paid much attention on changing to omnipod, i love my CGM with my minimed coz it guards me during my long hours of sleep now that im working a 12 hour graveyard shift here, so im pretty much asleep during the day…

anyways, i need your opinion guys, if you can, im seriously thinking bout changing to the pods… :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you’ve been misinformed, Marvin. There’s nothing at the Omnipod website about an integrated CGM, although I have read that it is in the works. It may be coming someday, but it’s not here yet.

I’m ready to be corrected.


sorry i think i said it wrong, its not integrated with the pod itself, but you can use any of the CGM out there, like Dexcom, and the navigator… :stuck_out_tongue: my mistake, i was probably not on my mind when i posted that, it was like 1 am when i was browsing thru the web…

but your reply is much appreciated…

thank you

On reading it again, you didn’t say it wrong, I read it wrong. Sorry for that.

You know, though, you can also us the Minimed with the Dexcom or Navigator. I use a Minimed pump and a Dexcom CGM. Now that the Dexcom can calibrate manually with any meter, it’s a decent combination.


I just switched to the pod a week ago. I switched from the deltec cozmo, but the pod is my 4th pump. I love it. It is an adjustment, but so were all the other pumps. I do love that it is tube free… although its more like finally get a cell phone. It is cordless and can go anywhere anytime.