Omnipod! Day 3, I think the cannula is out but can't see!

There is condensation on the window. If I have to change this, I will be annoyed as the first pod only stayed in for a day … this one as well … waste of insulin! I love it when it works! But what am I doing wrong, and do I need to change this pod?

BG has been rising despite boluses (and not eating). Still under 200, but I’m thinking that the boluses are going out but onto my skin and creating the condensation. Is that right? Or is some condensation normal? Should we be able to see the cannula?

I’ve gotten condensation on every pod I’ve used so far. But I live in an area where humidity levels haven’t been going below the 70-something% range, so I’m fairly certain this is the cause.

If you’re not sure, change it out.

Condensation is pretty normal. It took me a couple of weeks before I got my ‘technique’ down. If I do not pinch the skin around the site where the cannula will insert, many times I have a pod that does not insert correctly, and I do not receive the much needed insulin! If you keep haivng problems, consult your CDE or the person who did your Omnipod teaching.

i can never see in the window as far as the waste of insulin when we have to change the pod becuase of problems i alwaysuse the new syrige to take the insulin out of the bad pod and put it in a new one. that way it is not wasted.

Thank you! Glad to hear I’m not the only one who can’t see into the microscopic window to see that veritably invisible cannula! It seems that it WAS still in because I checked my sugar and was REALLY low (since I had bolused by pen also). I think peanut butter was probably the culprit - trying to convince me the pod wasn’t working. Long story short, all is well, I’m responding to boli from the pod now (without changing it). Good tip about removing the insulin!