Day 1 Question- HELP! Condensation in the pod?

I have been checking my new site frequently this evening, and am seeing “moisture” or “condensation” in the clear area of my pod-- is this normal? Am i just paranoid? Am i getting too hot? (I’m a cold natured person and love my blankets over me in the evening.

Do I need to call my Dr. tonight?

Didn’t read about this happening anywhere— any thoughts would calm my nerves right now!

Thanks so much!!!

Happens all the time with Caleb and it’s never caused a problem. Being able to see clearly into that window can be hit or miss. Are your bgs looking okay?

BG’s have been elevated today, but I think the stress of starting today, plus being on temp. basel till I run out of my lantus tonight might be the cause…
Just noticed the condensation, but can still clearly see the cannula is in place. Is it condensation? or insulin not absorbing?

I never worry about the condensation. I make plenty of it when I go out for a run or ride. If you were really worried about it, some people on here (and maybe in the Navigator forum?) have suggested applying something like “Certain Dri” (it’s a hardcore antiperspirant) on the area a little while before applying the pod (or CGM). This makes those pores in that area shrink (and prevents as much sweating).
As for this evening, as long as your numbers are good, I wouldn’t even worry about it. Hope the podding continues to be successful for you :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: Just nervous and over conscious the first day~ I really appreciate the thoughts. Makes it MUCH easier to work through…

I’ll echo what’s been said to give you a little more reassurance – my daughter has condensation often. Makes it tough to see if the cannula’s in right sometimes, but I’ve never noticed it affect her BG readings. Your BGs may be higher as you get your basal adjusted, but if your BGs are going down when they should, then it’s fine. I often notice that the condensation returns after a shower, but my daughter takes loooong showers.

More importantly, did you enjoy your first day without shots? =D

I am just SO looking forward to no Lantus shot tonight-- it hurt SO badly all the time…

That happens to me all the time… it’s ok as long as your BG is responding normally. Actually I don’t even look at it any more after I first put it on. Relax and enjoy your Pod. If there’s a problem, you’ll know when you check your BG. I was nervous about everything in the beginning… you’ll feel a lot better soon. :slight_smile:

To echo what has been said. Don’t worry about condensation. I had training in Septembe 2009, and I think my CDE said I might see condensation and not to worry about it. I am at the senior moments age, so I might just be hallucenating. lol.

I love no levemir shots morning and evening and no humalog with meals. I also love the correction bolus calcs. I never did corrections on MDI because I really didn’t know how to calculate one and I was afraid of hypoglycemia. Just before I got the 'pod, I got CGM (Dexcom) so I get alarms if I go hypoglycemic. Being plugged in has made my life so much better.

Enjoy your pod and stay in touch with your Dr or CDE if your BG doesn’t look right. My first few days were very unpleasant because my insulin to carb ration was too low so I was getting too much humalog and going hypoglycemic. Also, of you are new to pumping, be careful when you start exercising. I have to do an extreme negative temp basal during and after exercise so I don’t go hypoglycemic. Again, my CGM helps me monitor the effect that a low intensity activity (walking) does to my BG.

Hi Megan,

As the others mentioned it is normally just moisture (bath, sweat etc.). However… once (or maybe twice) Lila had very elevated bg’s that wouldn’t come down. There was condensation in the window and it turned out the cannula was out and the insulin was letting lose inside the viewing area so we had to put on a new pod. I don’t mean to alarm you at all.

The other 99% of the time it was always nothing to worry about. I think if your b/g’s stay relatively normal you can rest easy.
We take an approach that condensation is nothing to worry about but become suspicious if the bg’s are high and staying there. (> 250 for a few correction boluses)

good luck!

I’m a crazy exerciser and never had a problem with this…what I mean to say is that it happens all the time without any trouble. I will say that after the pod primes, after you take the cap off…before you put it on…there is a little insulin residue on the window. I take a Q-tip and blot it out. Another possible reason you may be getting that moisture.
Welcome to the pod! Good luck!

Nancy has the answer!

I dab Arden’s pod out with a fresh q-tip before I put it on her each and every time, right after I uncap the pod. Usually two or three times does it. Do your best not to touch the needle but don’t stress about it too much, just as long as you don’t move it or leave any q-tippy type material on it. Then get the little bit of insulin that lands on the adhesive cover when you uncap (the ones that you pull off). Do that and the condensation issue will be no more.


My son was trained by one of the OmniPod trainers that work for Insulet. He was taught to flick his wrist of the hand holding the Pod to “flick” out the insulin that might be in there before insertion. It flicks on the floor but hasn’t been an issue sanitation wise. hee hee He has had no problems with moisture.

OMG how did I leave this out of my earlier post. This is my step one. Then on to the q-tip. I’m still a sleep.

Thank you all so much for your comments! :slight_smile: I was a generation 1 pump user-- MiniMed504’s and Deltec Cozmo. Went off the pump for 5 years and am now back on it and expecting our first baby!

good to know all the tricks of the omni!


Ooh - congrats! That’s exciting news! :slight_smile:

Thanks Lorraine! It’s all come about pretty fast, but doing what I need to do to make it as easy a pregnancy as possible…