Omnipod / Dexcom Integration

Sorry, but I am new to this. My son just got his Omnipod on Monday.

So the integration they talk about is not the cannulas or sensors in the pods, just the controllers ?

That’s correct Donna. They’re talking about the two controllers being integrated (So the PDM and the Dexcom device that you hold in your hand and read the graphs, etc), so that you would be able to read graphs on the Omnipod’s PDM but also still deliver boluses, etc.

The integration of canulas and sensors for insulin delivery and glucose reading will hopefully come some day, but right now there are too many logistical hurdles (sensor being so close to insulin insertion point; what happens if sensor “goes bad” but insulin delivery is good; what happens if the opposite occurs, and there is an insulin occlusion but the sensor is fine; etc).

I throw it into my purse. As long as it’s within 5 feet of you or so you’ll be fine. If you’re going to be away from your purse for a while there are a bunch of things you can do ranging from belt pouches to garter holders to dropping it in your bra. You’ll find something to do with it!

I’m surprised the upgrade will not be with a software download. I guess they must be doing a hardware change (maybe the embedded electronic antenna) to be able to communicate with the Dexcom sensor/transmitter.

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Listened to the Insulet investor presentation tonight. Looks like the smaller pod won’t be released until third or fourth quarter of 2011. Also sounds like the Dexcom/Omnipod integration will await the new pod and probably the gen 4 Dexcom sensor. Both these developements have followed closer FDA scrutiny of the pump market, with the requirement that additional clinical trials be completed on (a) smaller pod and (b) integrated Dexcom/Omnipod product. I would not be surprised if this timeline ended up being extended despite managment’s confidence that everything is on track (including a build up of the new smaller pods next year from a plant that is already set up). Anyone who wants to listen to the full 1 hr call can do so from the “Investor” section of the Insulet website. Similarly a webcast from last week is available on the Dexcom website giving details on the push back of its product development schedule. Sadly some of these products will likely be released earlier in Europe due to the less stringent oversight compared to the FDA. If you listen to both webcasts you’ll get a very good sense of what is going on and the challenging regulatory environment. Wish there was better news to report…

Thanks for the heads up on the podcasts Mike.

I just listened to them as well…what a bummer. It sounds like they might be “showing off” the smaller pod at next year’s ADA conference, but that it won’t be released until 3rd quarter (assuming their clinical studies go according to plan and the FDA has no issues w/ the results of those studies…riiiiiiiight).

Aaaaand then of course the FDA has thrown a kink into the dexcom/omnipod integration. Awesome :-/

Does anyone have any idea how to get involved in these clinical studies… if we’re part of the testing then we don’t have to wait as long! Let me know if anyone’s heard anything.

According to the webcast, the new clinical trial will involve new, not existing, Omnipod users so unfortunately I don’t think that opportunity exists - although I may be wrong.

And the pity of it is that the smaller pod might eventually be available elsewhere (like Europe and maybe China) before we here in the US get the opportunity…somehow doesn’t seem to make sense…Hopefully the powers-that-be will find a way to rein in the FDA and force a level of pragmatism…

I was just about to say the same thing as Mike. Someone asked a question in the podcast about who could be involved in the trials (b/c obviously it would be convenient/easier to have existing customers) but I think to get more unbiased info based on their protocol they will only be enrolling new users in the studies.

The following article entitled Dark Days in Diabetes summarizes the trend and includes mention of both Dexcom and Omnipod:

The suggestion is that this is a cyclical thing which at least holds the promise that the pendulum will eventually sway back and allow innovations to emerge in diabetic care with less impediments.

I don’t, in principle, have a problem with the FDA or the approval process. We have an Omnipod that works very well. We have a Dexcom CGM that works reasonably well. The smaller pods and Dexcom integration will certainly make things more convenient but I’m not interested in either if it comes a cost to performance. Give me a better pod and better Dexcom first. I would love to be a part of either clinical trial but I don’t want to pay for the privilage of being a beta tester. I’m certainly anxious to get my hands on the smaller pod and integrated Dexcom as much as the next user, but I’m more than happy to see how things work out in Europe and China before I complain about the FDA holding things up.

I fully agree that we are extremely fortunate to have tools like the pod and dexcom - it’s fantastic technology even in its current form. I do disagree however that we should be content to see further innovations, created right in our backyard, be unavailable to us but instead be served up to other parts of the world because of our excessively rigid agency oversight. Sounds like we’ll have to agree to disagree on the latter.

I’ll actually agree with you wholeheartedly about the “excessively rigid” agency oversight if there is a rollout someplace else that goes off without a hitch.

If it’s a question of home grown technology absolutely having to be rolled out at home first, regardless of the state of the technology, then agree to disagree it is.

We agree!

Yea!! =)

Time to thread bump.

I read somewhere that the Omnipod and Dexcom G6 would be fully integrated around the end of 2019. When we were at the Endocrinologist yesterday he mentioned that Omnipod was working to be fully integrated with Freestyle… So which is it? Both? One or the other? Would be awesome if it works with Dexcom. Unfortunately I don’t remember where I read about it and cannot find the website now. If anyone has any info I would appreciate it.


1 Like this is the latest news for now…

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Ok thanks. Apparently it won’t be integrated with the Dexcom which is a disappointment (and the fact that the Dash has another cell phone we have to keep track of). Not willing to give up our Dexcom as it’s useful to check our daughter’s numbers from anywhere at any time on our phones.

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It’s not really a matter of giving up Dexcom. Your Dexcom stuff would still be the same. It’s just swapping the PDM for the new PDM, which is a phone (but not functional as an actual phone).

In order to have Dexcom share, insulin delivery, and BG testing, the number of devices is just one more:

  • Currently, you would carry a 1) phone and 2) PDM

  • The new system, you would carry a 1) phone 2) a PDM “phone”, and 3) a BG meter (since the new PDM won’t have one).

Ultimately you have 3 things to carry instead of 2 in order to get the same functionality.