Omnipod Dexcom Integration

I have posted a photo of the upcoming Omnipod PDM with Dexcom 7 plus integration on the photos page


It appears from the investor presentation this picture came from that the Navigator integration is either dead or delayed, There is no mention of it at all.

This picture is super awesome. For everyone else like me who wants to know the WHOLE story here’s the press release:

They’ve also got pictures of the 30% smaller pod that they’re predicting will be rolled out on a limited basis by the end of 2010! This news is really exciting. These two advancements are really inline with Insulet’s claim that they’re making diabetes a smaller part of life. :slight_smile:

I wish I had some money laying around to invest - it looks like Insulet is well on the rise!

Exciting news! Thank you!

Yep me too. Insulet was as low as $1 plus sometime last year. It is now about $15, It has been as high as $25

Insulet has spent several hundred million dollars and 10 years to get where it is. They produced pods at a considerable loss for 4 years. I believe this will make it very difficult for other startup patch pump companies (like Solo) to catch them. Especially since Insulet has patents on things like autoprime and autoinsert that Pod users have come to expect.
I’ve just loved my 4 plus years on the pod.

Ditto, although I speak on behalf of Caleb, and for almost three years. Gosh golly, it’s been almost three years?

I only recently switched from a Minimed pump. I was reluctant to go with the pod because of its size. I’m glad I changed my mind - it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I love my Omnipod! I’ll love it even more when it’s integrated with my DexCom!!!

Thanks for posting, Andy. That’s great news and a great screenshot. This will hopefully skyrocket Omnipod in popularity, too.

I’m still holding out hope that Navigator integration is a possibility, as well, as I prefer that device. My CDE and several Omnipod and Abbott reps I know keep whispering about it, so I believe it’s likely delayed and not dead. Abbott seems confident that it will happen. All of these folks I’m talking to though assured me that the Dex integration was coming first. If Nav doesn’t integrate with someone though, Dex is going to swallow them whole, since they’ll now be integrated with both Animas and Omnipod.

One of the issues is that Abbott lost focus in the diabetes market when they bought Therasense which is where most if not all of there diabetes monitoring products came from. Many employees jumped ship including numerous key ones who went to Insulet. CGMS is all Dexcom does. It is a tiny portion of what Abbott does.My OmniPod rep always told me that they were integrating with both products, but look at how long it took to get the Navigator FDA approved…years. I know that Dexcom and Insulet are working on CGMS probes that the pod can insert. contrary what some think I have it on some authority from research endos that the close proximity of cannula and sensor is not an issue. Now that is what I am waiting for,

That would be amazing! I can’t wait.

Agreed. The proximity issue has been what makes me skeptical of ever having a fully-integrated closed loop system. If they can bypass those problems, hallelujah.

My endo says Abbott has a notoriously bad relationship with the FDA and that the FDA is never in any rush to get Abbott’s products through. I agree with your assessment about them - diabetes a tiny portion of their sales and they neither market their CGMS sufficiently nor supply the right resources to their diabetes division.

But I still love the product. I am afraid it might be the BetaMax of CGMS devices though - a better product that may go the way of the dinosaurs. laughs Still, I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on with it. I love my Cozmo even though it suffered a similar fate.

LOL @ BetaMax. That brings me back :wink:

I clicked on the link and received on onscreen message that said that page has expired. Any chance of finding it again?

When Abbott was going for approval and it took so long, there was much speculation that they were just going to abandon the Navigator. They didn’t even set up to sell it. If they were on top of things do you think it would still take 10 hours “warm up”. And 10 hours more if you need to restart. Kinda of a big hole in continuous. As I’ve said before, one of the major reasons why the Navigator gets to publish better accuracy specs than MM and Dexcom and that both MM and Dexcom include the first 8 hours where all the systems are the least accurate and the Navigator just chooses to block them out. I almost got the Navigator, but decided against because of warm up time, size, the temperature probe and what’s going on with them and Insulet.


Are you talking about that spring loaded injector? Or something else. I thought that injector thing was way before the 80’s. I didn’t even like looking at it.

Is there a way to get this link to work again. I’d love to see teh smaller pods too.

It looks like it is gone. It is no longer available on the Insulet site. I should have copied the entire 17 pages I think. Sorry

I saved a copy as a PDF of the link when it was available. I’m going to try and upload the file here so you can access it again. If that doesn’t work, I’ll isolate the dexcom integration image and the smaller pod image and add them later.
6800-InsuletCorpInvestorPresentation11010.pdf (2.21 MB)

That worked perfectly! Thanks Bradford.

Holy crap! My kids are in that presentation!!