Omnipod Ext Warranty?

Hi I received an email offering an extended warranty for my Omnipod Pdm. Is this something that people do? I guess my warranty is up in December of this year. They replaced the Pdm last year so the device itself is fairly new.

I am not aware of how the insurance works if it were to just die on me, I know for certain I would never break or mishandle it, so is this extended warranty just piece of mind for some that may have an accident and break it? If anyone could please give me some insight.

I have been using the omnipod since 2013/14 and I wear a Dexcom G5. Never have had any real issues so I have never done any real detective work on device failures. Thanks

Unless plans have changed, they will release a new Android phone-based PDM later this year. I don’t know how your warranty situation would affect your option of going to the new PDM, but I’d check it out. The new PDM will not have a built-in meter, but it will interface with the Dexcom, hopefully in ways that will be extremely helpful and result in better control.

I also heard that the new PDM will talk Bluetooth to a Contour Next One meter so even though you need to carry two devices, they should work together.

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Oh wow I guess I should start reading once in awhile. I don’t know how I feel about having to carry another meter but I’m sure my insurance will be happy. They rake me over the coals every month on Freestyle strips. I don’t know why they cost so much but with my insurance they do.

I am a field technician for a very large Telecommunications company so it’s a real pain in the butt to have to carry more than what I need. I don’t have an office where I can store everything. I mean sure I could store it in my van but let’s be real that’s not an upgrade in anyway in my eyes. I literally change pods on the side of the road in between my double van doors or even the drivers seat if i’m parked. Just the thought of having to grab something else then input the numbers into my pdm doesn’t sound good.

Anything else that I should know? I was originally asking if you guys/gals think getting an extended warranty on the pdm is worth it or is that just like any other insurance/warranty service? They kind of get you paranoid something is going to happen though in almost 5 years it’s never left it’s case except for changing batteries. I have an Iphone btw not android. Thanks all

So correct me if I’m wrong, If I did get the warranty they are going to replace it with a new pdm so I will get stuck with that anyways? I think I will just save my money and let things ride and not get the ext warranty. Thanks for your help

What I mean is get stuck with the new pdm that doesn’t have the tester integrated into it. I don’t want too have to carry a separate meter and will pay more for strips if need be, it stinks but I’ve paid more for less. I don’t mean to be negative but what are the positives of getting that new pdm from omnipod? so far I have tunnel vision and only see that I need too now carry another Bg meter.

Again I really only wanted to know if anybody on this board ever purchased an extended warranty on there omnipod/Insulet pdm. Didn’t mean or want to be negative about anything.

Just on a side note, I know nothing about pumping except for omnipod. I went from shots for 20 years onto omnipods and never really researched anything else or even my omnipod. I know how to use it and that’s about it. I am not on the leading edge of any of this so you can clearly say I’m very ignorant about this stuff. Thanks all

The positives, IMO, is that the PDM, CGM and meter will all share data that will hopefully result in better BG control. If you have a Dexcom CGM, you only need to use a meter twice a day in most cases. I don’t plan to carry a meter with me always. I only calibrate at morning and night and trust the CGM the rest of the time. When Insulet decided to go with an Android phone platform, which I would guess provides much more computing power and options down the road, it necessitated the need for a separate meter. The thinner phone and better screen are big pluses for me, which offset the need for a separate meter. Most of those a pretty small these days anyway.The positives outweigh the negatives for me. YMMV.

Hi Jim where can I find out all this new information on the pdm and other things that may help my bg control. When I type in a google search Omnipod Pdm i get the same old pdm and it also only shows the dexcom g4… Where is all the new information? Thanks.

I agree with you. You can get CGM on your phone anyway, and I’ll bet you are always carrying your phone. So this new PDM will just add a device to carry. Even if it shows CGM, you still would have your phone, so it doesn’t save you from carrying a device at all.

My CGM has occasionally had some dangerously inaccurate values.

here you go:

Thank you I appreciate your help. Enjoy the weekend

Omnipod user for 8 plus yrs. I do not use a CGM and am quite concerned about the new system Insulet will be unveiling.
Currently have enough pods to take me into feb of 2018.

Anyone know if I can keep using my PDM?
Don’t intend to switch from Apple to Android.
As bulky as PDM is, I won’t have to worry about recharging or power outages…have plenty of batteries.

Hoping they won’t discriminate against fellow D’s who want to keep using Omnipod
without CGM and Android phone :scream:

JoedyRose Hi how are you, I think you will be just fine. They are not saying the old ones will stop working it’s just that moving forward Insulet has decided to go this route with there PDM instead of having a BG meter built in.

If you read above there are pros and cons about it. Plus if you don’t use a CGM it doesn’t matter if you use Iphone/Android if you are going to stay with your current PDM. You kind of fall into my boat, I like having the built in tester and don’t want to have to carry another BG meter around because for one I am a guy and I don’t carry a man Purse and never will, secondly just going for a long walk I already have to carry my Phone for CGM and what I call my “Kit” it has my Pdm and insulin,pods,strips etc… I drop very quickly so I couldn’t live without my CGM it literally saves me from just falling out of consciousness. I don’t really feel my sugars going down until I’m already too low, even lowering my basal I still go low walking because we walk for about an 1 and 15 minutes briskly. I need to have my phone and glucose tabs at a minimum. So I guess on a walk I wouldn’t need to carry the BG Meter because if anything my sugars will be low or on the lower side but everywhere else I would need too.

Nothing is easy these days without having diabetes, so yeah this could effect us when out current PDM’s stop working and all they have are the new Pdm’s for replacement. I’ll wait to see how it unfolds and let others lead the way. I’m sure everything will work out. Didn’t mean to be so long winded.

Appreciate your input, Gadgetfreak. And, so, going forward, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Low BG’s are extremely scary. Panic if I leave home w/o a supply of cabbage patch kids (enjoy them more than glucose tabs).:grinning:

On Friday I changed the batteries in my PDM, before they had run out, In fact, I was told by my CDE to always change them out before they run out. This time the PDM wanted me to put in the new date and time, then it said I had to discontinue my current omnipod! Needless to say I was very concerned as this had never, ever happened before. In calling Insulet they told me they could not help me because my warranty had expired, (which I DID NOT know) no one, no company including Insulet had let me know. I was told to call my supplier and get an extended warranty. The supply company tells me they know nothing at all about this, the extended warranty. It seemed to me that an extended warranty is extending the warranty on the PDM I have, but it is NOT. It means getting a new PDM with a warranty. I am at my wits end. I have been a diabetic now for 43 plus years and am lucky that my health is doing well. Don’t know if I will continue with Omnipod because of this problem. May move to another company. Any thoughts???
thank you, Becky

Becky, it sounds like the internal battery in your PDM has worn out, so that when you change batteries, the PDM loses contact with the pod and also loses its memory of date and time. When this happened to my PDM, I just got in the habit of timing battery changes with pod changes. It wasn’t ideal, but it also wasn’t that big of a deal, either. It just required a little forethought. I don’t know what to tell you about extended warranty issues, but what you are describing can be dealt with without replacing the PDM.

Thank you Jim…

Well it has been a year and I just got a box from Fedex with my new Omnipod PDM. My current one loses time/date everytime I change the batteries. Not to be paranoid but this started happening immediately after I didn’t get an extended warranty. I know stop watching and reading spy stuff, paranoid delusions but it was uncanny timing.

So I just looked and it seems it’s exactly the same as the one I have. Why did somebody state they removed the Blood Glucose meter from it? I was really panicked over that and then forgot about it, now just had mild anxiety remembering this thread. So what happened or didn’t happen with Omnipod and supposedly removing BG meter from the Unit? Thanks all

The current version you have is the UST400 version. All UST400’s have the BG meter.

The next release of the PDM (called “Dash”) won’t have the BG meter. Not sure what the official version number will be, but the next one will be an Android phone, but it will be locked down so you won’t be able to use it as a phone. The Android phone is just the hardware platform.

Hi Eddie2 ok thanks I just found a page with all the information on Dash, now I don’t know if I should send this one back or will this one be the one people wish they had.

Edit: Found this so I guess I’m glad I just got this pump because according to this page I can switch to Dash and the PDM is free when buying the pods which are covered by my insurance, Plus I can use all the current pods I have with this new Pdm I just recieved. Thanks again you made me stop and research a little and now I feel like I know whats going on. I try not to get too wrapped up in all the new Diabetes Technology but since I own one of these probably should know what’s up.

If a new customer is interested, what will the process be to obtain the Omnipod DASH™ System?
New customers should get started on the existing Omnipod® System as soon as possible as the same proven benefits of the Pod are available through the existing Omnipod® Insulin Management System. With the Omnipod DASH™ System, the Personal Diabetes Manager is free*** with the purchase of Pods which eliminates the majority of insurance warranty barriers.

By going on the Omnipod® System today, you will be ordering to automatically receive the Omnipod DASH™ System once available and covered by insurance. For more information, please contact Customer Care at 800-591-3455.

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