Omnipod freakout incident- Has this happened to you?

This morning I was at the pool for about 2 hours. It was very hot, and I did NOT submerge my pod for more than 15 minutes. About 2 hours after I left the pool, my pod started to beep incessantly. It would go from one long high pitched beep to many high pitched beeps. My PDM could not deactivate it, and told me to remove it immediately. It did not stop until I smashed it against the wall. I tried calling tech support but I couldn't get through.

Has this happened to you??

sure has. never did with the old pods but I think these failures are more common with the new ones. I always carry 2 extra pods in my purse for these moments!

This is one of those things that happen but cannot be explained. A pod failure. I had this on the 1st gen system but not yet on the present ones. I swim often with the pod and never had a problem afterwards. The sauna is also no problem.
Have a paperclip with you so you can pierce the whole on the back of the pod to silence it when you have a screamer.
I use the 2nd gen pod now since November 2012 and have had some issues . Mostly occlusions with the pod and blocked keys on the PDM. All of them where replaced and I am using now PDM no.4.
I still love it have great BS and a a1c <7%.