Question about crazy BEEEPING!?

Hey everyone,
I just got my omnipod today and the CDE was telling me about if there is a pod failure it will make a really loud high pitch sound that wont stop until you break it basically.

This got me thinking, what if it goes off during class?!?! Has anyone had this happen to them? What did you do?

Also, is there any way to turn that feature off, silence it for a certain amount of time (like the school day) or maybe vibrate?


The only times I’ve had a pod failure, the beeping stops when you turn on your PDM and acknowledge the failure. It is a very high-pitched sound, but it’s not extremely loud, and if you’re in a noisy room, you might not even recognize it for awhile. That’s happened to me several times. I’ve never had the sound not turn off, however.

Oh ok, thats good to hear.
Thank you!

This happened in my class one day. I wasn’t even sure if it was me, or something else. I realized that it was my pod, and just pulled out the PDM and went to the nurses office. It stopped right after it connected to the PDM.
It is a good idea to tell all of your teachers about the pod and maybe demonstrate how it beeps, so they know that it is you. I normally put it on a temp basal for about an hour sometimes, so it beeps when it stops, and the teacher and students know that it is me. At first they always think it is a cell phone, which really gets annoying, but it is your life, and don’t not do something because you might get looked at.

Well, my second pod failed yesterday during class. And, now i see what you mean. It started off as this like BEEP BEEP every minute or so and by the time i got to the nurses office it was just one long nonstop BEEP.

And, this day i was actually running late to school so i forgot my pdm… so i couldnt stop it till i got home. When i went back to school, i took your advice and went and showed all my teachers the pod and told them about the beeping.

Thanks for everyones help!

I was in church the other day and the sound system was feeding back and I had to ask my daughter to listen to my pod and make sure that it was not me. (It was on my arm).

Yeah, i had to ask one of my friends in chemistry last week kinda the same thing… For some reason the lights in the classroom beep and i kept thinking it was me. Luckily it wasnt! :slight_smile:

haha every time i hear beeping i kinda jump and look around nervously. then i try to figure out if it’s my pod or not.

the first time this happened to me, i was at the apple store. i almost complained to a salesperson about the annoying beeping…then i walked out and realized it was ME!