Omnipod Gets Approval for Fiasp

I searched around and only found very old threads about Fiasp. Anyone currently using it with a pump? I wouldn’t mind a faster onset insulin, and now that its ‘approved’?

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Yes I started with Omnipod in January and have only used Fiasp with it. No problems whatsoever, Fiasp works great for me in the pods.

Great to hear- thank’s for the feedback! I think I’ll get a vial next refill and try it out.

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Some people have noticed stinging with Fiasp, especially during a large-ish bolus. I have had that occasionally but it seems to depend on the pod site…occasionally a site will sting but usually no stinging. Even with that, the stinging is pretty brief and does not bother me.

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I get stinging with most boluses from my Medtronic 670G, which can be annoying, but on the bright side I know I am receiving the bolus! It does work quicker but may not last as long which is alright if it keeps me from going so high that my original bolus was not enough,
Good Luck!