Omnipod & Glumetza

I was curious to see if anyone else that is type 2 on the omnipod is also on Glumetza (slow release metformin) I was just started on this to help with insulin resistance and i was curious to know how it effected everyones insulin settings when they started. I am noticing today that i am running alot lower than normal and it is only day one and i already lowered the pump settings according to my Endos insuctions.

just curious what other experiances were.


I'm a type 1, not a type 2 but I also have been lowering my insulin requirements since starting on the pump. It seems to be a normal thing for pumping.

I'm a type 1 also on the omnipod and metformin ER (same as glumetza). It lowered my insulin requirements about 20-25% and I have had to change both my basal insulin and my ISF and I:C ratios when using the metformin.

The effect started from day 1 for me too... and you may have to watch things as the effect may increase over time, especially if you ramp up the dose.

I am type 1 also, on the omnipod, and was on Glumetza for quite some time (stopped now due to the GI issues.) I noticed on day 1 it worked tremendously at lowering my BG, and that lasted for some time. I do feel like after a while though it sort of "capped off" and didn't seem to be as effective....? Overall though, it seemed to work!

thanks for the responses... so far so good and no stomach issues yet so we will see... i will be watching closely and making pump changes as i go.

I did have some GI issues... it seemed to slow down stomach emptying and it got my acid reflux restarted. I may have ramped up the metformin dose too quickly. I quit for awhile and slowly started again with 500mg, now 1000 mg (2/day). Will see how it goes from here.

What were your daily insulin totals before and after adding the Glumetza? I’m currently using about 110-120 units per day. I’m hoping that losing some weight and ramping down the carbs a little will get me under 100 units per day consistently. My CDE is happy with my current carb intake, so I don’t have too much wiggle room there without going to a drastic Bernstein-like diet.

If I can get there, I would be curious if adding Glumetza would get me down to under 66 units per day and 3 full days per pod.