OmniPod + Marathon Training + Texas Heat = Frustration

Hello! I've been on the OmniPod for about two months after 24 years of injections for my T1 diabetes. The goal, obviously, was to be healthier and have better control of my diabetes. I also wanted to make it easier for me to train/run a marathon. I did a marathon last year, but it didn't go well.
The thing about the OmniPod is it's great when it works. But it's awful when it doesn't. I can't keep the thing on. Because it's August in Dallas, I sometimes have to do my run when it's 106 outside and terribly humid. The only method that has been able to secure the pod is SkinTac. Unfortunately, I'm extremely allergic to SkinTac. (Trust me. It's not the adhesive on the pod or the supplemental tape, it's the SkinTac.) Does anyone have a method that works? I've tried so many things and have lost so much insulin and so many pods, not to mention the resulting high blood sugar levels. (Sidenote: has anyone got on the OmniPod and had an A1C that's higher than it was before?)
If someone's going through the same thing, or has gone through the same thing, please let me know. I'm going to run this marathon. I just have to figure out if it should be with an OmniPod, injections, or another pump.
Thank you!

I don't have an Omnipod but have this stuff Opsite Flexfix that works very well at holding things down. Last summer, on some of the hotter runs, I'd come home and have to drain the sweat out of "bubble" around my Medtronic CGM sensor with a lancet. The rolls last a pretty long time, almost a year.

I'm adding Opsite to my list of things to try. Thanks!

Hi Krista, I live in southern Oklahoma, so I have to live & exercise in this heat & humidity too ! I have worn the Omnipod for the last 2 years & have run several marathons & 50k trail races, when I run I always use Hypafix tape by smith & nephew, I cut a piece about 3 1/2 inches long & place it over my pod and attach to my skin on both sides. I have NEVER had a pod come loose, I sweat a lot also :slight_smile: I remove it in the shower cuz it sticks so well. I have also found that wearing it on the back of my upper arm during my long runs helps, doesnt rub on anything there. Hope this helps.