OmniPod and Half Marathon

I have been training for a half marathon this coming October and have been having problems with my pod during my long runs. Twice in 2 weeks, my pod has loosened so much that I have to pull it all the way off due to the pain of the canula sticking me. I have tried using the IV Prep pads and just cleaning the area before putting it on. I am worried that this will happen not only during the race, but during the rest of my training. It is very humid, I live in S. FL, so I know that between the humidity and sweating, this is the reason for them losing their adhesive ability during the run. I know that there must be others that have had this issue and I’m hoping someone out there can offer some much needed advice. I will probably call OmniPod also, they are always helpful, but I thought I’d try here first. Thanks in advance for any information you may have.

During the summer months here in Oklahoma I get really sweaty on my long rides/runs. Not usually an issue, but sometimes when I have the pod more horizontal on my back, the weight of the pod bouncing up and down combined w/ my crazy sweatiness will cause it to start coming lose. Skin tac works well for me in those situations.

Apply it instead of IV prep. It’s super sticky (it’s like mastisol). Good stuff!

I would agree with the SkinTac suggestion. My son uses it when he will spend hours in the pool and it really works well.

Another help is 3M Durapore paper tape (may be under Nexcare brand at your pharmacy). You could try Vet Wrap if using pod on arm or leg. Vet Wrap is available at pet supply stores (self adhesive tape a lot like Ace bandage). Vet Wrap is the brand name and made in USA, but my local pet supply carries it also in Chinese made product. I sweat a lot also and I work outdoors in North Carolina and the Durapore tape seems to hold on through sweat and daily showers. Good luck on the marathon!

I second the use of NEXCARE tape! I’m a jogger & golfer and have cut my loss of pods by 95% by using two strips of tape in opposite directions each time I attach a pod. Make a “cross” with the tape over the pod.

Thanks, I will look into Skin Tac.

Thank you!

Thanks, I will go look for the Nexcare today. I appreciate the advice!

Thank you! I will try it on my next run!

I sweat so much training and camping in the summer in Texas that I just switch to my old Animas IR 1200. during the spring I move my pod to the arms and back but there is no tape or colostomy glue on this planet that keeps my pump on while either running in the summer or camping in the summer.

My educator told me about Skin Tac and Proface. Skin Tac is awesome and relatively easy to find. Proface (or Pro Face. Not sure which is correct) is supposedly an antiperspirant type of product that you can use before you apply the pod. I have had problems finding Proface though.

Apparently the Proface product can be found at wig shops or costume shops. It is used under wigs to help prevent sweating them off.