Omnipod Out of Warrantee Reorder

Hi, so my omnipod's warrantee expired in February. I have since been on the phone with them trying to order a new system. I thought we'd gotten it all set up so you can imagine my surprise when a new box of old pods arrived today. I called them and they said they were still working with my insurance to get the new PDM approved but when it was they were only shipping the old PDM's out to prior customers. Has anyone had any success reordering out of warrantee for a new PDM? If so do you know who you talked to or do you have any tips as to how to get this to work? Thanks!

Did you ship it back to them? I would. Be sure to include a detailed letter in it on why you sent it back, and that you are not paying for it. Call them first on that though. Then I'd just wait for them to call me on the new setup and use the (original) old stuff until then.

They are sending me a return label for the pods. No problem sending those back. The issue is they won't call me for the new setup because I'm out of warantee. I had been under the impression that if I ordered a new one I'd get a new one but they won't do that for me. I was hoping someone had a hint since I'm pretty sure I've heard of others who got the new one on reorder when out of warantee.

I am under the impression that if you have the present PDM, they will send you the new upgraded one automaticall.. Hope I'm not wrong.

They said as that as you're still within your 4 year warantee you'll get the new one automatically when they finally roll it out. They aren't sending it to current customers yet according the reorder department worker I spoke to. I'm out of warantee so needed to order a new PDM. According to her I will get a new OLD PDM because I'm a current customer and the new stuff is ONLY shipping to brand new customers at the moment. Once they start shipping the new stuff to old customers I would then be automatically upgraded to a new PDM along with everyone else who is under warantee.

That totally sucks. I hate being taken for granted--especially by companies. I thought only cell phone companies, and cable/satellite tv companies were this lame.

And I thought they were supposed to give preference to existing customers when they rolled out the new products... at least that's what they were saying. Actions speak louder than words...