Omnipod PDM Wishlist: A list of changes like to see in the PDM software!

It appears the Omnipod management are not truly asking the users what they want/need the PDM to be able to do, and/or how folks would like to have things changed to be more convenient, nor do they offer us a place to report bugs with the system. Maybe we can help them with a list of things we would like to see?

Model # UST400

1) Opt In / Opt out options for the "Confirm" prompt. That extra confirmation REALLY gets on my nerves. I understand this was done to help kids at camp, but geez, just let us CHOOSE if we wish that feature enabled or not!

2) Opt In / Opt out for other "messages/alarms" that are not wanted. For example, the PDM always asks at pod change, if I wish to schedule a BG test later, even though I ALWAYS answer no, it goes into alarm state, and stays in that state, beeping for a very long time. Hours at least. I wish to save my batteries for stuff that I need, not waste that battery life on things that do not interest me.

3) Increased screen time out possibilities. Sorry, but I am 50+ and don't move around as fast as I once did, 60 seconds is NOT a long enough time for me to drag out a BG test strip, prick the finger, and get the blood onto the strip before the whole thing times out and I have a black screen, from which, to recover, I have to HOLD down the home button for what seems like 30 seconds, Then press that nagging "Confirm" button, before I can actually finish the testing. Give us the option to raise that time limit to at least 2 minutes, and likely up to 5 if we wish it.

4) Give us the ability to directly edit the food library. Shoot, right now they don't even have a slice of pizza in there!

5) Give us the ability to "build" a "meal"; IE, I want to have a hotdog... great, I can find that item, but it doesn't include the roll, and I have no way to add multiple items together to get a full carb count for the "meal".


pod ideas?
Model # PDOZXP425

1) Give us the ability to "recover" whatever insulin is left in the pod, most especially when doing a pod change and having a pod failure.

2) On the "new" pods, give us an option for a wider tape section. I have large, fumbling hands, less than a 1/4 inch around the pod to press down on the tape, I get failures to hold with that since I can't press the tape down well enough.

3) Increase the size of the fill location, currently, it is barely larger than the actual syringe tip, but the circle that is colored makes it look like it is larger... I have bent several of the filling syringes by not hitting the exact center because of this.


Yes, I know this is NOT Omnipod's site, but just maybe we will get lucky and someone representing their company will bother to check THIS site out. I have no way to post something like this on their site at all.

They don't have a soul - it's all about the money - they wont even allocate the new smaller PODS for kids and infants that are currently on the system - the ones to whom the smaller pods mean the most until they gain all the new clients they can - to of course drive their profits up - to hell with the kids is their new mantra. Good luck getting them to listen. Hopefully there will be some competition soon.

Well, they have started converting previous version owners over to the new style pdm/pod system, the real issue is that no one can tell you HOW they pick and choose who gets converted and when.

Good luck, JP!

You should try to build a full technology based medical device, get it to work 100% without failure. AND, get it approved by the FDA. Then come back and give us your list again... :)

I somewhat agree with your first 3 items. But consider these viewpoints:

First, there is no such thing as bug free software. This is a quote said time and time again by developers. Even though it's a bit funny, they all know its very very true.

Second, You're asking for a lot more function that would only increase the cost of the unit. The overall goal was lowest cost as possible to begin with. Besides, the last two items you requested are easily obtained from multiple Smartphone apps.

Third, you can recover the insulin. Insulet will even help you if you call them when you need to do this.

Last, if anything I'd like to see a smaller foot print on the adhesive. If it were 100% under the pod you wouldn't have to press it down around the edges, but just press the pod on your skin and done. But adhesives might not be quite that good yet.

And, jms1313, this is a free market you know. Without it, we would resemble a 3rd world country. Would you prefer that?

Basically, don't be so quick to judge reasons and purposes. Have you written Insulet a letter with these requests? If this bothers you so much, do it due diligence and do the right thing. Griping usually gets ignored, so write you letter constructively. You might be amazed at the response you get if you do it well enough. If...

No soul? Doesn't care about children? Insulet was started by a man who sought a better pumping solution for his own young son. I'm sure you're frustrated, but come on ...

I agree on the opting out of the confirm screen, that would be a nice fix.

Other than that Scott's points are well taken. I don't even use the carb counting library on the pdm. I guess I'm still in the honeymoon phase of loving the pod pretty unconditionally since it is so much better than the MDIs I had most recently been doing.

Ummm... you sure made a heck of a lot of assumptions about me, and trying to prove you are better than I because you think I don't know what I am talking about.

Cost to add a single question in the UI and test it for such a SIMPLE application would be on the order of about $500, at least that is what they would charge a customer. I know this, simply because I have done it. I was involved with the transition and testing of the 1st 2 mini-meds, at least the versions that were truly release candidates. I still have one of them in the attic.

I have worked for several software companies as a Quality Assurance manager. I have sat through 5 days of straight up testing of UI's prior to release date, that is not 40 hours, but 120 hours straight up.

These things have a very simple OS. Your cell phone has more processing power than they do. Yes, they have a micro pump that MUST pass VERY strict testing... but they chose to put that pump inside a throwaway device. It could have been designed where the actual pumping mechanism and controlling electronics were saved between pod changes but that would have meant that they could not get away with charging $600 plus per month per customer to keep the things running. They could have at least have set it up where the electronics were saved... the actual pump, well, I have controlled and built and provided technical hardware support of systems that control fluid flow to the same level of control. There is no reason that they could NOT have saved the largest parts of the pod, the most expensive aspects, the bluetooth connection, the micro processor which likely cost less than between $1 and $3 each.

I was not slamming the makers and/sellers of the device, as I mentioned in the fist post, there is NO WAY to communicate with them. You can spend typically 45 minuets on hold waiting for someone to finally pick up the phone, that person is stressed to the max due the various issues that their management has caused with the release of the ust400 model.

My "message" here was in the apparently mistaken belief that a few adults around here might respond with other ideas of things they would like to have changed as well. If all I am going to glean from posting here is infantile statements and accusations you have made.

Please note: I am NOT the one that started things by stating that they had no soul. Please get it right when you accuse someone of attempting to start a flame war when that was absolutely NOT the case. You actually supported what I was saying by stating that some of this stuff could be accomplished with a smart-phone app. Issue is, you are forgetting that it is too expensive to program a smart phone, much less an electric pump controlled by a radio device?

I have tested and designed UI's for multiple software companies and hardware devices over the years (UI means user interface in case you didn't know that). I have worked with NASA getting a satellite ready for launch, I have worked for a hardware/software company that helped design and build components on the space shuttle, I have worked in a smaller software company that created a way to help major hotels better fill out and utilize their available meeting space for improved profit.

Anyway, if you have nothing positive to contribute to the conversation, just walk away. I posted here to speak with other users to see if they had anything specific to request as changes. I was actually doing it this way so that I COULD write a letter to them, since they refuse to allow us to communicate in any meaningful way electronically, I mean, it is only the 21st and no one really uses the internet, or email, or web pages to talk with their customers do they?

Lots of companies start out with pure motives and morf and grow into things not originally intended - Im sure his intentions were good but actions speak louded than words

Free Market and free speech - I have written letters and been as diplomatic as anyone can be to no avail - I logged 31 phone calls - 3 letters and have offered to buy the system outright and bypass insurance - their response is they do not have enough inventory to meet demand of NEW customers so their existing customers would have to wait.Free country or third world - that is BAD business not to take care of your loyal clients that have helped to build your business and make you the company you are today - to turn your back on them....? Almost third world isn't it?


Yes please, I understand the whole "confirm" thing, but that is just one more button to push. How many times am I going to have to confirm that yes indeed I am in fact Clare ? And do you really have to remind me to check my blood sugar 1.5 hours after a pod change ? Can't you just realize that you already have new blood sugar reading that has occurred after a pod change ? That shouldn't be too hard to program.

The pod/pdm have lots of alarms, but I can't figure out why it isn't simple to alarm when the cannula has come out of the skin and you have a failure. That should be simple, cannula no longer in skin tissue....ALARM. Why do we have to wait until BS is rapidly rising?

I love the OmniPod. I will never go back to a pump with a tube on it, even though I do have to push the confirm button. At first I wasted test strips because of it but now that I'm used to it, not that big of a deal. I don't like the feature, but I really like the new smaller pod. The older version was so easy to knock off in a doorway, got in the way a lot more when trying to sleep, and I find the adhesive is much better when I'm working out and sweating.

I'm 60 yrs old, and don't have a problem testing blood. Get the test strip and lancet out first, then press the Confirm button. Just sayin :)

Hope you get used to the new stuff John....hang in there and do write that letter.

Would be good to include the IOB (actual units) on the suggested bolus screen. Just telling us it adjusted forIOB is meaningless I think.

Also why can’t they make a smaller PDM? This thing is like first cell phones compared to all the small devices out there (ie dexcom)

That’s it for now.

That would be convenient.

You may not be aware that you can see all the detailed info on the suggested bolus screen by pressing ?. There it tells exactly how much correction, and meal IOB was deducted from the suggested bolus.

When a pod fails during a bolus, how about if after activating a new pod, instead of receiving the message that not all the bolus was delivered, a message that not all the bolus was delivered, would you like to deliver the remaining .05 units?

The confirm button is annoying for a few reasons-1.rarely do I even look at the name it is asking me. 2. If I were at a camp, I could be sitting next to someone with the same name, &3.the stretching routine I have to do for the pdm to communicate with the pod(very close) -how could it accidentally bolus someone else anyway?