Omnipod sent extra box of pods with order

I just received my scheduled order from Insulet and it included an extra box of 10 pods. I call to see what was up and was told that at the beginning of each year they will send an extra 10 pods to act as a buffer for those periodic :slight_smile: pod issues not usually replaced. Cudo’s to Insulet for the unexpected surprise.

That’s awesome! Less worry for you. I am surprised that they are sending an extra 10 pods at the beginning of the year, though, since they no longer include pods in their start up kit. But awesome for you!

Hm. We did not get an extra box in our January shipment.

I was ‘shorted’ on a shipment, and when I called to see why, the rep explained that w/ my script written the way it is (every 3 days) then it is their policy to send out 4 boxes one time (short if you think 90 pods for a 3 month supply) and then 5 boxes the next, followed by 4 boxes, etc, etc.
My last shipment arrived last week and had 5 boxes…so while it had an ‘extra’ box, I don’t know that I can contribute it to a ‘new’ pod policy, as it followed the 4/5/4 schedule.
I’m sure they had ppl who ‘crunched’ the numbers for them, but it seems like it would be more cost effective for them (from a business standpoint) to keep their latest policy (or what I had been told was their latest policy): that if you had a pod fail, you call it in, and the next time a shipment goes to you, it will include extras (if they can, they try to squeeze those into the 10/box to make it 11/box or 12/box, to save on shipping costs). This ‘preemptive’ policy seems like it would cost them more, as I may not have 10 pods fail, so they are effectively ‘giving away’ pods in some cases…but that’s must my perspective :slight_smile:

Caleb’s shipment schedule works just like Bradford’s. 4 boxes, then 5, then 4 then 5. I find it hard to believe they would grant everyone an extra ten in advance. I don’t think we had 10 failed Pods in all of 2009. I agree with Bradford that it seems cost ineffective. It also seems like something that would be very difficult to keep track of. Unless you get 10 and nothing else even if you have issues with more, and in general they are becoming much more stringent with what they approve for replacement. This is all very interesting to me.

I’d be impressed if you didn’t have 10 failed pods. I started in February 2009 and I’m pretty sure I have an average of 1 or 2 failed per month. But then there were at least two months where I had almost a half box fail during priming. At the beginning of this month I received an extra 6 pods from Insulet due to 6 of them failing in December. Usually they are wonderful but sometimes there are still some kinks they’re working out.

I am on the every three day script also but have only relieved 3 boxes every 3 months. I did get the extra box with the initial order. I have now been using the pod for over 19 months and this is the first time I have received additional pods (other than ones I called for replacements). Maybe by their calculations, for the time I have been using them, I was due for some “extras”. When I talked with the order department I did not get the impression that this was just for my case but I could be wrong. I’m just glad to have the extras.

I just received my January shipment (from CCS Medical, not Insulet) and it contained my usual 45 pods. From most of the comments here, I think you got lucky with your extra box. Congratulations on receiving it though!

HEY!! Me, too. Just checked my latest shipment. I had assumed that the extra box contained replacement pods. Maybe there’s something to this. I have received 3 boxes all last year…then this shipment of 4 boxes plus the replacements mixed in. My anniversary (first) was 21 January 2010.

Happy belated “Podiversary” …or something like that :slight_smile: I hope the pods are working out for you–I def love mine!

Hey Janice, that was officially my first anniversary too! (that’s when the first shipment went out…) It wasn’t until February 3rd that I started though. Still trying to decide how to celebrate this year. :slight_smile:

I’m in love with mine, too. Life is so much simplier. I’ve had very few problems…learned not to be delivering insulin next to a running microwave. I had a few commmunication errors when I was too close to a microwave in use. Thanks.

I got an extra box also, and believe me I stashed them away for emergencies. Unfortunately, I also had to call again for the recycling bag, so I am still waiting for that to arrive. The woman said that there is just a little line with a check mark in front of it on their order screens if they are supposed to send a recycling kit, and sometimes they miss seeing that. I ask her to speak to a supervisor about making the notice larger on screen and told her that many of us were experiencing the same problem. The extra box was great. Now if I only had a reliable way to recycle the used ones, I would be totally happy.

Perhaps this is wishful thinking but…maybe this is a way of reducing the inventory of “original pods” to clear the way for the launch of the new smaller ones??? Should we be holding our collective breath to see whether or not we get billed for the extra box?

Sorry to be responding to this thread late, but I just received my latest pod shipment and there was an extra box included. So I called them to inquire why they sent extra pods. The answer I received was “since February is a short month, they wanted to make sure I didn’t run out.” It doesn’t quite make sense to me, but now I do have extras.

I questioned the rep when I called in a failed pod and got the run around for a while 'til she finally said it was to cover potential failed pods and…it is NO gift. We should expect to be billed for that extra box!

Hmm. I received my first reorder for 2010 in late February, but there wasn’t an extra box. They did send the typical allotment of replacement pods that I had called in. Wonder why they are picking and choosing which customers to send an extra box to?

Emily - I’m not sure why I received the extra box of pods either, but as Janice said in her post above … I was billed for that extra box. And the price per pod has gone up too just like everything else. :frowning:

Wow… I think that’s fantastic because I have thrown away several pods that malfunctioned. They said in the beginning to send them back but I guess I’m just lazy so it’s easier to throw them out. I’ve had very minimal problems with the OmniPod and I’m so grateful for that.