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1(888) 7-GET POD (43-8763)

Nothing new, but the wheels are starting to move on the existing customer transition process.

Welcome to the OmniPod Transition line. If this is a medical emergency...

Thank you for your interest in transitioning to the new OmniPod system. Our conversion program has not yet begun, but we do have exciting news to share with you. When the program begins, current OmniPod customers will be transitioned to the new OmniPod system based on their reorder cycle as our inventory levels permit. This will allow the majority of our customers to use up their existing supply and have their new pods covered by their insurance. The process will begin when you receive a communication from us via email, phone, or letter, letting you know it is time to start your transition to the new OmniPod system. This communication will also contain instructions for accessing our convenient online training, which we strongly suggest all existing customers complete before receiving the new system. We are currently scaling up production and will begin shipping the new OmniPods to current customers soon.

For more information about the new OmniPod system, please visit our website at and We look forward to bringing you and all of our current customers onto the new OmniPod system. Thank you.