Omnipod Pathfinder Softwear

I am very new to pumping. Just stared the Omnipod a couple of weeks ago.
I am also not the most computer savy person.
But I was wondering if anyone has the Pathfinder Data Management Softwear and -
what does it do?
What information does it give you?
Is it difficult to use?
Thanks so much,


Welcoming to the Podding world. The pathfinder…well let’s just say it isn’t a good system. I honestly have had it for a few months and can’t get it to work. I saw what it does for the first time at the Endo’s office.

Hi Di -
Thanks for your answer - BUT - what is it that its SUPPOSED to do??

It gives you about three days’ worth of records at a time, so you can try to analyze trends. It’s a bit of a pain to get to work, and once you do, it’s not worth much. There is an online program that you can upload your data to, and it will show you three months’ worth of data – BG readings, boluses, etc. It is MUCH more helpful, although it is now in beta testing and has been closed to new users. There also have been reports that Insulet will release a better program that you use on your PC. If you search this forum, these have been discussed before.

Ahhh -
Jim, Thank so much for your answer.
But - I think I am still not understanding something - dosen’t this work through your PC?
(or - not work very well thru your PC)?
What is the on-line program you mention.
What I want to have is a way to get the info from my PDwhatever - to my PC - and print stuff out so I don’t have to keep a hand written diary.
Thanks again. is the web site that Jim was referring to. It is completely separate from the Pathfinder software that you install on your PC. OmniPod Partner is a web site that you upload your PDM data into; you still need to ask Insulet for the Pathfinder kit in order to get a small device that plugs into your computer to received data from the PDM. Once you have that, you can upload data to

However, it looks like Jim is right in that it is not open for new users right now.

Thank you so much for making sense of this to me.
I did e-mail Insulet about how to get this and they answered me with a note to call them because they had to know if my PC system has the "appropriate requirements."
I am supposed to call them about “requirements” and to arrange shipping.
All I want is to not have to keep a written diary - and yet be able to show my Endo something.
I think I am beginning to understand.

I don’t think the current Pathfinder is going to help you very much, unless you are willing to download your results every three days and print them out for your Endo. Of course, even that might be better than a written diary. Hopefully, either Omnipod Partner full release edition or the new software for your PC will be available soon.