Omnipod Update - 4 months in

I’ve been using the Omnipod since February 2015 and I can now update my experience here. This is my first time pumping (I started Dexcom about 8 months prior) and all I can say is - where have you been all my life?! I was lucky to get the Omnipod 100% covered by my insurance (my CGM as well) so my decision for the Omnipod was easy. I really didn’t want tubing because I knew I would get depressed wearing the tube and the pump and I didn’t want to set myself up for failure. Conversely, should I not be able to pay for the Omnipod someday, I will be more apt to get a tubed pump I love pumping so much!

I never have had any problems with the Pods or the PDM and hearing what other people go through I realize I am lucky. No issues with my CGM either. No bad Pods (knock on wood) so far.

After much adjustment and bickering with my CDE, I took control of my settings and am doing really well. I find the freedom and the ease with which to give myself insulin has changed my life. I was always lazy about my shots and testing. Now I’m right on top of everything.

This could be the honeymoon phase but I’m loving it!


Hi Linney, I’m glad you’re doing so well with the omnipod, sounds great! I started on a pump(tandem t slim) in January and while things are by no means perfect( I still have the same old bg craziness, random patterns and never knowing what will happen for sure), it is easier to deal with in a lot of ways on the pump. I am constantly changing basal rates which I couldn’t do at all on mdi and I like not having to constantly inject myself. Mine has tubing of course, which I don’t like but which I can live with. I think if I had a separate pdm to control the pump I would probably be forgetting/losing/misplacing it a lot. I would like to try a tubeless pump at some point.

Linny - Glad you are enjoying your Omnipod. I’ve been pumping for a long time and would not want to go back to MDI. I love being able to give myself an insulin dose without it being socially awkward or inconvenient.

Good for you for taking ownership of your pump. You have to live with any changes you make. In short order you will become the ultimate expert on treating your diabetes. I think the medical professionals really do care and don’t want to see us hurt ourselves. But I’ve found that once you’re past the startup instructions, the average person with diabetes will accumulate pump dosing intelligence that far outpaces any professional. I don’t let any medico change settings on my pump!

Good for you, mee! Pumping gives you control - meaning - the power is in your hands, you get to make deacons based on evidence. I looked at the T-Slim but probably would have gone with the Vibe as I have a Dexcom and they “speak” to each other.

Gadgets will kill us all! I have to remember to bring my Dex receiver, my Pod PDM and my phone. My purse is getting heavier and heavier. But since I hardly ever forget my phone I have not forgotten the PDM. I only carry it with me if I know I’m going to eat and need a bolus, other wise I leave it at home.

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lol, my purse weighs way too much too. :smile: I tried lightening it but it still seems so heavy.

I’ve virtually given up hope of being fancy free and leaving the house with just my wallet and keys! Always on the lookout for a purse that does everything.


I’m also a LADA, i was diagnosed as a 2 and then had DKA and in intensive care at age 50. Then they tell me I’m a 1. OK

But yeah, I was so bad about taking MDI and checking my BG. Now with the CGM and the Pod I feel like I’ve been given a gift. If my insurance ever took either of these devices away I would be pretty devastated.

Linny - It’s great that you found the tools that you like. The most valuable piece of the whole equation is your knowledge and motivation. It appears you have both!