Omnipod users or tubeless pump dreamers

How about a version of Omnipod that might have the same flat backside, but be much flatter, so only 15u is needed to start it rather than 85u?

There should be a rubber spot, like on vial tops, on the reservoir, so more insulin could be injected into it once already on the body!!!

A person could either use that smaller amount over 3 days, like children who need very little
… or…a person could use even more without needing a new pod and hence more people could use the same size pod without being weighed down with a 200u sized pod.

The total size of the reservoir could be 45u or less, as more could be put in by injection into the pod as needed and would not hurt as it is already on the body.

This would make it much easier to wear and easier for smaller children and people who use less insulin. So a flatter version would mean more people will use the Omnipod.

Short acting insulin is cheaper too.
One omnipod user reminded me of this and while it is true, the added costs of using a pump make it so expensive, I predict I won’t be changing over until they make these changes. I first considered this pump in 2010.

All the management by the software would act as it does now and is the best benefit of pumps.

Alarms could be felt by vibration and sound could be optionally used and turned off in public places like theatres. So, the PDM should give instructions when levels are low for more to be injected.

The management should be done by computer, tablet or phone and be easily used, in colour and should be large enough to see, as older people end up with lowered eyesight.

If you put your thoughts here the designers could be told to pay attention as it would increase their sales.

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Thank you for your help. You have been a great help many times in the past
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I use about 17 total units per day. I have decent insulin coverage right now, but last year I sure did not. I thought the filling pods was really going to take a huge toll on my insulin ‘stash.’ It’s not been that bad tho. I barely notice that I am using up vials and in fact I think they are stretching farther than I thought, even with the supposed 85 units.

Its not a bad idea for Omnipod.

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Your suggestions would be great, but I think would make pods much more complicated and thus more expensive and more prone to failures. Insulet seems to have gotten the manufacturing process to a very reliable level, and I don’t see them making any sort of major changes for awhile. Their focus in on next year’s expected rollout of the Horizon closed-loop system.