Omnipod vs medtronic

I am about to be at my 4 year warranty mark with my insulin pump and today my new doctor mentioned beginning to research which pump I think would work best for me as I only get this opportunity every four years.
He mentioned the omnipod being a good fit for me but I am a big fan of my Medtronic other than the tubing.
Anyone have experience with both? Pros and cons? Thanks in advance!

I've done - used both, pros and cons to both. I think medtronic is a better pump but the tubing is an issue for some people. I like the omnipod but had issues with the PDM not being accurate. I'm now waiting to try the TSlim or hopefully wait longer until the Dex and pump are integrated, not sure about the Animas because they're not using the new dex software, as far as I now. You could try a sample pod and see if you like it?

Medtronic makes a great pump. I am currently on Animas. My insurance would not pay for the Omnipod. I could have fought it - but decided to wait on that.