OmniPod Wins 2009 Edison Best New Product Award

Great to see this kind of recognition for this truly innovative technology. Read the story here.

As a happy Omnipod user, I say “Congratulations.” I look forward to the next great advancement.

An amazing product. I can’t imagine living without it.

Dosen’t the pod itself get in the way? Have you used other pumps to compare the pod to? Im about to start the whole pump process and have a wide range of choices and everyone believes theirs is the best, its so hard to figure out!!!

The pod does sometimes get in the way. For me, I couldn’t imagine having anything attached to me…pod or tube. After the 5 year mark past diagnoses, I just decided to get on with it. I stuck the pod on and it is what it is…you just deal. The good outways the bad.

The pod can get in the way so placement is important. I started by putting it on one side of my stomach and had problems at night since I am a side sleeper. I decided to try my thigh which has worked out beautifully. There are many other placement options for the pod as well.

After watching my mother deal with a traditional pump and all the tubing for years I was excited to be given the option of wearing something small and discrete after being diagnosed with diabetes this year. I couldn’t imagine dealing with the tubing when there was a better option out there especially since I am very active. The fact that you can do pretty much anything with the pod is a big plus for me. I’ve worn it while swimming, biking and playing basketball, for example.

I would recommend that you order a demo pod or get one from your doctor to help you decide if OmniPod is right for you. Regardless of your choice, pumping will make dealing with diabetes a whole lot easier.

Good luck…

I just started using the omnipod. How do you guys deal with going swimming? Is it really that waterproof as I like to stay in the water a lot and I am afraid of it falling off. Also where do you put it so it doesn’t stick out so much as I think with a bathing suit on it would be incredibly noticeable. Any good suggestions as to where to wear it so it won’t get in the way? Thanks!

I’m getting ready to exercise in the pool for 45 mins or so, I’ll let you know how it does. I was surprised that the pod on my belly was less noticable than you’d expect thanks to the pattern and stretch of the bathing suit fabric.

Thanks Elaine…looking forward to your imput!

Hi Nancy…the pod did great in the pool today. I waited to check in as my #'s were high after I got out and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a pod issue. I sometimes go high with exercise. There has been other discussion about this…you might do some research on past forums, but people seem to be able to do all kinds of wet things with the pod. The only time I have a problem is when I am hot…it is so bad here in S FL. I have had a few pods slip off. I use an adhesive now, but still have to use some tape occasionally.
As to where to wear the pod with a bathing suit, I think it is a matter of just deciding to go with the pod and not worrying about the asthetics too much. Before I got it, I assumed I’d go back to MDI’s on vacation, but I doubt I’d worry about it at this point.

Hi Elaine - thanks for getting back to me about the swimming…sorry it took so long for me to get back…The one thing I am worried about is that it says the pod is only waterproof for up to 30 minutes.
When I am on vacation I am in the water way longer than that! As for the asthetics of it I would wear the pod on the arm since it doesn’t bother me too much there but when people see it they look at it like what the heck is that thing?? Anyhow another problem I am having with it is that the adhesive is irritating my skin extremely bad…The nurse suggested I try changing it after only 2 days instead of 3 since that is when it starts feeling like I want to rip the thing right off! LOL! Would you happen to have any suggestions for that?
I am going to Disney World in sept and I was debating as to wether or not I should go to back to the shots for that week since I will be going on all the rides and rollercoasters and getting thrown around a lot and I wouldn’t want the embarrasing alarm to go off like it has done in the past when I have accidentally knocked into it. Do you know of any people who are on the pump but also switch back and forth to shots for a day here or there just to get a break from the irritation of the adhesive or just so they can a peaceful night of sleep once in a while? Just curious about that…
That is what I have been doing but it’s only been a couple of months since I started the pump. I am just looking for as many ideas as possible from people so I can try and keep it on for the most time without getting too irritated with it! I must admit sometimes I don’t have a lot of patience! LOL!
Anyhow hope to talk to you soon!!
If anyone else has any other imput on the swimsuit suggestions for the pod and avoiding the irritation from the adhesive I would love to hear your suggestions!

Nancy…look over some of the other discussions…all of your concerns have been touched on. I have had the irritation thing off and on, not as badly…it is annoying. I do know that people have switched back to MDI’s temporarily for whatever reason. Good luck.

Thanks Elaine for all your help! I really appreciate it. I have been reading on this site all I can and have found of lots of great information!!

I understand that it seem everyone thinks their pump is the best, but as a fairly recent user of the Omnipod system I can HONESTLY say that I cannot even imagine using any other kind of insulin delivery device, and it took me a VERY LONG time to even consider going on an insulin pump. And here’s why…
Over the last decade or so, my doctor and CDE’s have been trying to get me on a pump and I even went through a couple of training or orientation classes, as I was open to it. BUT both times what stopped me on the “other” insulin pumps were the tubing, size of the pump, and the complicated calculations.
THEN, I saw an Omnipod brochure in my endocronologist office and read it. It all seemed too good to be true…especially the NO TUBING and automated injection. I pursued it, got in in February, and cannot believe HOW EASY and non-intrusive it is. I cannot even IMAGINE wearing tubing and having to keep the “pump” on you at all times…it would drive me crazy. But, with the Omnipod, you stick it on for 3 days and the only time you even have to have the “pump” with you or near you is when you give a bolus or changing your pod or need it for another reason. IT IS FREEDOM and I LOVE it! (Of course, it’s not foolproof or perfect by any means, but the upside is much better than the problem times…which are few and far between) Hope this helps!

p.s. OOPS! forgot to answer your ? about does it get in the way! ABSOLUTLEY NOT! And that’s coming from someone CANNOT STAND to have anything on me or “bugging” me or in the way. I even take ALL of my jewelry off when I get home. I don’t even know the pod is there…SERIOUSLY…for real!