Omnipods and High BGs

Has anyone noticed that after changing a POD they have high Bg’s for the next few hours. We have had this problem for a while. We bolus a unit prior to killing old POD and bolus 1 unit on the new pod.

I’ve seen posts here where several people will bolus just before /after changing pods so you’re not alone. I also do it but usually more.

Others have brought up this issue and it makes me apprehensive to be a podder. It is hard to understand how the issue can be consistent and that taking a bolus won’t drive lows from time to time.

I’m also thinking it’s a general pump issue, not specific to Pods? I’ve heard where it could be a reaction to the stress of being jabbed again and maybe the lag time it takes for the new sight to start absorbing? I don’t know, just a guess. I don’t think the pod has the issue of air bubbles does it?