Omnipods Dash PDM- Poor battery life?

Has anyone here experienced poor battery life with the Omnipod Dash PDM?

I’ve been using it now for just a few months, and it seems the battery sometimes will drain from 70 to 30% within a couple of hours.

Call me a luddite but I miss the months-long battery life of my old RF-based PDM.

I remember when the T-Slim touted their rechargeable battery as a feature. It was not for me.

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I plug mine in every night and have only had that problem once. Found out it wasn’t actually plugged in. I didn’t have the plug in the PDM all the way.

Just received my Dash today. Ugh — not thrilled about having to charge it every single day and add another charging cable to my nightstand to go along with my wireless charger, lighting charger and Apple Watch charger. Boo.

Has anyone found a replacement battery for this thing that has a higher capacity than 1300, which is pretty weak?