Battery life is faulty on 3 Omnipod Dash PDMs :(

Hi everyone,

T1 looking for some thoughts and advice on the Omnipod Dash PDM having very poor battery life.

I recently started using Dash pods again and I’m now having the issue of the PDM going from 80% to dead within a matter of minutes. I have tried 3 PDMs within the last month, all sent to me by Omnipod, as well as new USB cables and charging adapters (also sent by Omnipod), and all 3 of them suddenly and inexplicably die within minutes.

Omnipod swears up and down that it’s not the PDMs, it’s me, which is… well, I can’t use that language here. But what’s the deal with that? Is this just a thing with Dash? I know others here have experienced this too. What did you do?

My concern is not having to charge the PDM every day, because I’ll do that if I have to, it’s that even after charging, the PDM can’t seem to hold a charge even for 24hrs which makes me nervous to leave the house with it.

Has anyone managed to find a solution to this, or is it time to go back to the old PDM that would last me months on two AAA batteries?

I’ve read a few of these concerns from others. I have charged my PDM every night since I got it. I’ve even gone 2 days on one charge. Hope someone can help you out.

I read a review on another site that recommended turning off WiFi to avoid draining the battery. Hope that works for you!