On hold with Insulet

Holy moly, can they change that hold music? It's been the same sweeping piano thing for years. Drives me crazy.

I've been having some issues with my latest pods. The syringe looks different for one thing, and the pods with this new look syringe all seem to have the same problem.

During the insert, I'll hear one click and there are usually two. Then later, sometimes much later, like hours in one instance, I hear the second click and the canula is inserted all the way. I'm going to call tech support but just wondered if anybody else is dealing with this.

It doesn't seem to affect the performance of the pod but it's a little alarming.

I had this single click problem before with the older "rubber stopper" syringes versions of the pods. It hurt like a son-of-a-gun, and did affect it's performance a little with me. Haven't had it at all with the new "plastic stopper" syringes versions of the pods though. I've found them to be much more solid in use than ever. Love the new syringes too, as I can get far less bubbles. Good luck on your sanity with the hold music, they also have it way too loud! You'd think companies would give a rat about little things like that.

I had a batch of a few that I used that would take 15 minutes to inject the canula. I wasted two before I just waited it out. I was traveling and thought it was some kind of interference between the pod and pdm. I got home and used some out of the same box no issue. This was back in July/August.

I have had this issue as well. Yes it does hurt! I listen to the click when it inserts. If it doesn't sound right, I press the pod until I get the second click.

I had this happen with my most recent shipment (Novmeber 2014) when there was no insertion of the cannula after a few minutes, I presumed it was defective and took it off and applied a new pod. An hour later it was sitting on the kitchen counter and I heard the big "snap" of it deploying the cannula....a little late then.

I did call into OmniPod and they had me send it in -- they also sent me one or two replacement pods. I haven't had any other problems.

I had this issue and wrote about it last year. I still get the double click when I apply a new Pod, but all of mine have been the double click right away. I think that Insulet has had enough complaints that they are finally paying attention to the problem.

I, too, love the new syringes. As others have said, they are easier to see and to use, and they have far less bubbles to tap and fire out before filling the Pod.

As for the music, I have listened to it for the last five years. We all would appreciate it if they could find something new!